"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blake's Wedding

Brad and Amanda came out for Blake's wedding. We all (Mom, Dad, them, Terran and I) went up to the temple and luncheon. I was a little bummed I didn't get to go to the sealing, but having four kids around requires some babysitters, so Amanda and I stayed out with them. Still, the temple was beautiful and it was so great to see Blake again!

More St. George Fun

Zach, Terran, and I had a chance to spend a fun evening at the Washington Rec Center together. Zach was so happy to see Terran loving the water. They were playing together quite a bit and I just hung back and watched. They don't get as much time together like that as we want, so I wanted to let them enjoy it.

Grandma took all the kids to get books at Barnes and Noble and Terran fell in love with the Thomas train table they had set up! He played there the entire time and wasn't ready to leave. I got all excited thinking I could get him one, but I picked up the package of one train (they are all sold separately) and it was $22! That is a collection that will take some time and significant investment! It may just have to wait....

We also took them to the splash pads and Children's Museum. Kids smiles and laughter leave me in awe. The simplicity of what makes them happy and how capable they are of love is such a beautiful thing to witness. Don't think they didn't argue or whine or need direction, because they did! But those sweet little spirits are so full of youth and innocence and greatness!

Something has to be said about Grandma and Grandpa. They did so many things to help those kids have good days, it blew my mind. They are amazing parents and amazing grandparents. Not only did they watch Brad's kids, but they watched mine so that I could get my marathon training in and they were always concerned with all of us before themselves. Seriously, they are the best.

Two Date Nights!?!

While planning our St. George trip, I decided to get tickets to Tuacahn. Zach and I always talk about going, but we never have gone together! Mom and Dad watched Terran and we got sushi and made a great night out of it. We have gone on so few dates since he has been born that it was very noticeable how nice it was to just spend time together alone.

Since Terran went to bed very well with my parents and enjoyed the evening playing with his cousins, Zach and I ended up going out again for some more sushi and getting to chat together like we haven't been able to in ages. It is hard to really express how grateful I am to be able to entrust my child to my parents and be able to let go and enjoy some time with Zach.

Cousin Time

When we were planning a trip to St. George, Zach's family planned a BBQ. It was such a great time and the three little one year old cousins had a blast. Sometimes we don't get to see everyone, so it was great to spend time together. How Sandy pulls together such a huge, successful, and scrumptious meal for some many people impresses me every time!

My parents had flown out and gotten Jason and Bailey for ten days or so, so Terran got some quality time in with them as well. Jason and he had an amazing time rough-housing. Bailey and he had moments of pure spite for each other, then they would have sweet moments of hugs and kisses.

I wish Terran could be around his cousins a little more often. He is so social and loves the interaction with them.

Sand Hollow

We went to the lake and had a blast! The kids loved it and when they are having a blast it is easy to have a good time too. However, the second time we got the dreaded Swimmer's Itch. I felt it coming on, I saw Bailey scratching, and my mom felt it too. The crazy part of the whole thing.....the kids were ok. Bailey was itching really bad but Benadryl and cream helped her and it was only bad for the day. Jason had one itchy spot and nothing on Terran! Mom got it extremely bad, and mine was pretty bad as well. It made us even more happy that the kids were okay.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tropic 2014

We decided we could swing heading down to Tropic for a few days to meet up with Nate and Meg while they were camping. I dread the packing and the drive, but once we get there it is always so worth it. The scenery is beautiful and the weather is a nice change from home.
The cousins were such a huge help with Terran and I truly felt like I had a few "me" moments that were much needed.
We weren't getting a lot of sleep so we decided to head home just a little early so Zach could prepare for a work trip. Still, we packed in some fishing at the reservoir (where Terran just fought me to get in the water so I took him on a hike where we followed some deer), a hike with Olivia where Zach and Terran found a horny toad and we out ran a rainstorm, a ride with everyone to the traditional lookout, a trip into Bryce Canyon, and some time sitting by the fire.
I was able to go on a beautiful trail run, which is something I have been wanting to get into. It was such a great workout and relaxing alone time. There are a few hikes that leave right from the campground and every year I am amazed that no one does them, so I did those for my run and it was amazing. There are pine trees all over and then out of nowhere there are the infamous red cliffs known to that area. 

We were so glad that we made the trip. On the drive home, we talked about how it was great to break up the monotony of our everyday lives. With Zach's work trips, homework, work, and my exercise, the days seem to mostly consist of the same things so the change was much needed.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Green smoothie

Terran has always liked green smoothies. I made one the other day and he was enjoying it. His new thing right now is dumping everything out, and he did so with his smoothie. He dumped it on the ground then got down and stuck his forehead in it, rubbing his hair around in it. Then he went back to finishing his glass. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

I started the 4th with the Freedom Run 10k in Provo. Next time I will do it without music or a goal time because that took a lot out of the experience.  Part of the race was down University Avenue where people were already waiting for the parade. It was actually really cool.A friend of mine saw me running and text me. We ended up meeting up with them to watch the parade. It was really hot and the parade was disappointing,  so we headed home early. We had a traditional BBQ with burgers and brats, following with a fruit pizza and fireworks. Terran wasn't a very big fan of fireworks...he loved to see them but didn't like the noise. 

After he went to bed, Tanner and Zach got a little crazy with the fireworks we had in the basement,  and Lindsey and I watched our men with amazement and laughter. There were several great firework shows all around our house so we got to watch those as well. 

A very special thanks to Oma Karin, she made sure Terran was patrioticly styling for the holiday!