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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 31, 2014

More St. George Fun

Zach, Terran, and I had a chance to spend a fun evening at the Washington Rec Center together. Zach was so happy to see Terran loving the water. They were playing together quite a bit and I just hung back and watched. They don't get as much time together like that as we want, so I wanted to let them enjoy it.

Grandma took all the kids to get books at Barnes and Noble and Terran fell in love with the Thomas train table they had set up! He played there the entire time and wasn't ready to leave. I got all excited thinking I could get him one, but I picked up the package of one train (they are all sold separately) and it was $22! That is a collection that will take some time and significant investment! It may just have to wait....

We also took them to the splash pads and Children's Museum. Kids smiles and laughter leave me in awe. The simplicity of what makes them happy and how capable they are of love is such a beautiful thing to witness. Don't think they didn't argue or whine or need direction, because they did! But those sweet little spirits are so full of youth and innocence and greatness!

Something has to be said about Grandma and Grandpa. They did so many things to help those kids have good days, it blew my mind. They are amazing parents and amazing grandparents. Not only did they watch Brad's kids, but they watched mine so that I could get my marathon training in and they were always concerned with all of us before themselves. Seriously, they are the best.

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