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Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Words

Terran has been pretty adamant about sticking to just using "mama," points, and grunts to communicate. I was quite certain he knew words and he was doing great at understanding several words and commands. At his 15 month checkup, the doctor said he wasn't too concerned but that I should try to get him to say at least one more word. He pretty much just said mama and dad. I was able to get a random word so I wasn't too concerned. At the 18 Month checkup, they asked if he knew fifteen words....I thought he knew that many, but he definitely didn't consistently use that many. There was the instinct side of me that wasn't worried because he is smart and knows words and there is no issue. But, occasionally there was that part of my brain that would wonder "what if."

Well, yesterday was pretty interesting. When I was holding Terran and he didn't want tho go where I was taking him, he said "down." Then when we were waiting for the microwave he said "beep, beep, beep." We were playing with neighbors and he told a little girl that was standing in his way to "move." And, as we were leaving and waving bye, he said "bye bye." I can't remember when, but he also said "hi" yesterday. These were all words he had never said before, all in the same day! I knew he had it in him! He was just waiting for when he felt like talking.  :)

He also says jump a lot right now, but it isn't the clearest word. He uses it correctly though, so we know that is what he is saying. One day we were at Farm Country and he saw the horses pulling the wagon and said "horse" very clear. He hasn't ever said it again though.

So, even though I had that slight worry, my mother's instinct was right on and Terran just needs to do this on his own time.  :)

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