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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Toddler of the house

Our little man has been on a growing and maturing spree again! For the last month or so he is constantly surprising and impressing me with all that he is learning. He now seems to understand everything I say to him. He helps me dress him and put on his shoes. He tells me when he wants a diaper on and has successfully taken it off a few times. When he decides I can put one on him, he will come over and push his pelvis out to help me put it on!
He has had no problem with going to nursery, which I am very thankful for. It is hard enough on my over-protective, worrying, and controlling motherly side without him crying when I leave! It has been really nice tho go and listen to Sunday School lessons and learn more about the gospel again. We got a teenage babysitter one night and I used our gym day care once, and both times he has done awesome. This may be more of an advancement for me than him, but either way it has been a positive thing for us.
He knows all of his body parts and likes to play the game where I ask where they are and he shows me. He knows a lot of words but has only said most of them once or twice. I'm not quote sure why he is like that because when he says them it is usually really clear, but I am not worried about his speech. With his intelligence and independence I think it is more of a matter of when he decides he wants to talk.
He has started liking to hug his big teddy at night and has even fallen asleep with it.  I quite like it.  He had never liked binkys and hasn't had attachments to toys or blankets, so it is extra cite too see him love it.
One day he took his diaper off and went to the bathroom and pulled up the toilet lid to try and use it. I tried to help him but it didn't work that well. I got all excited and am planning to buy him a training potty soon! I would just love if he potty trained early and wanted to!
He gives kisses more often and some nights has to kiss me several times before he will fall asleep. I love it. :)
After Zach spent a week home with us, Terran seemed to strengthen their bond quite a bit and wandered the house the day he left saying "Dada."
Terran is still as headstrong, independent, and opinionated as ever.  But he also has a lovey side that comes out, he is very playful and loves to play chase and get other kids involved with what he is doing. He is extremely social and loves animals.
I am really enjoying this stage with him and cherishing our time alone before other kids come into the mix. He is my little buddy.

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