"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We did a fun ward chili cook off and trunk or treat the week before Halloween. Zach had to work so Terran and I went at it alone. I tried to not be overprotective and let Terran play while I stood in line for our food. I kept an eye on him but lost him a few times and got nervous. He was just having a blast with the kids so I tried to calm down. I was setting my food down and couldn't see Terran so I ran to the stage where he last was. I found him climbing a vertical ladder with his legs dangling over the edge! That is exactly why I am the mom that is always watching! In a split second they do something crazy!
Terran surprised me with how well he did the trunk or treat and how much he liked it! He had to taste almost every piece once he got it!

On Halloween night we did our traditional Papa Murphy's and got the door for trick or treaters. Zach surprised me by getting dressed up in a suit to go out with us! I was a police officer and Terran started out as Tigger but wasn't a fan, so we put him in his cow suit. My neighbor Aubrey was nice enough to loan us both costumes since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.
We went down two blocks to trick or treat. It was fun to meet up with some neighbors and wander around, but Terran only lasted so long, so we headed home to watch a movie before bed. :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hee Haw Farms

Zach and I really like doing fall activities. Terran loves it! We got a pass to Hee Haw Farms and made it and family date night tonight. We had dinner at my favorite, Cafe Zupas, then we headed to the farm.

It was a little more country than Cornbelly's,  but one thing I really loved was the petting zoo. We got to go in the pen with a bunch of sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens. Terran loved patting them, hugging them, and chasing them! We pretty much did everything they offered. 

We were riding a hay ride over to the corn maze and Zach asked if I had a good time. I totally did, as much for an excuse to play outside as for the actual activities. Terran's favorite things are playing outside and animals so I knew it would be fun because he would be happy. :)

It has been a long year with us being apart a lot, so these family times we have had lately are extra cherished!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Riverton Half Marathon

I realized as I was writing about the SoJo half I never recapped the Riverton Half I ran back in March. I was sick the whole week before but I was running it as a training run for Ironman St. George so I decided to run anyway. It wasn't easy and the course wasn't my favorite because for that time of year it wasn't that pretty, but it was still a good time...at least that's how I felt after I was done! That was my second half and I ran a 1:45.

SoJo Half Marathon

I thought about running the SoJo marathon to try to qualify for Boston again, but after a few runs I knew my heart wasn't in it and physically I just wanted a break. So I took one. Running or biking or doing nothing when I felt like it. Robyn and I were going to do a trail run Friday,  but she brought up the SoJo half marathon and we decided to run that on Saturday! Her friend Chad found out and wanted to run too, so we all met up the morning of and ran. It was so fun to run with friends the whole way, walk through the aid stations, and not worry too much about time. We ended up 2nd and 3rd in our age group with a time of 1:49. We kept saying how we love having the lifestyle where we are able to run a half marathon with little notice!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


One of my favorite things about living in northern Utah is the changing seasons. There is something to love about every one of them! Summer had been great and my little guy absolutely loves it, but fall is here! He still tries to go out in just his diaper, he still plays in the cold mud after a rainstorm, and he would still rather be outside than inside. I don't know how long all that will last!

We went to Cornbelly's the other night for a little FHE fun. Before we had kids I remember being excited to have kids to do things like that. Terran is still pretty little but there was stuff there for him and we all had a blast! Pumpkins, harvest, and nice weather all told us it was fall. :)

Terran's favorite part was the slide so we spent most of our time there. He did make me go in a midget maze where I had to stoop the whole time and it was dark. Once he knew it was safe and I was there, he had a blast running around and finding his way back out. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I feel like the two parts of parenting that have caused me the most stress are Terran's eating and sleeping habits.

I have spent so much time and lost so much sleep trying to get these two things to where I am happy with them, but it just doesn't happen!

Terran has never really slept well, but we at least got into a ten hour night with one awakening and a predictable two hour nap. That, of course, could only last so long. He has recently been cutting about a half hour off his night and trying to skip his nap. I am still able to get him to nap, but it is harder every day! I'm just so frustrated that he doesn't appear to need as much sleep as other kids!

Then there is his eating. Oh my! Since he started solid foods, I have offered veggies multiple times a day. I try to offer healthy variety at each meal. He is picky, and when I finally find something substantial he likes, he quickly decides that he doesn't like it after all. Some days I just am exasperated. He gets cranky and I know it's because of his diet but I can't seem to get him to eat better, even when he is really hungry. He won't ever eat more than one flavor in one sitting, so every time I get him to eat, it is really important that he eats something healthy.

He used to love quinoa, wheat spaghetti, and oatmeal, now he won't touch any of them. He still will eat fruit, thank goodness. He loves his milk and yogurt, but if I let him that is all he would eat and I don't believe that is good for him. And vegetables, well, he will eat a little broccoli, but other than that, I mostly rely on baby food pouches to get that in his diet. I reverted back to that when he would refuse all vegetables.

So very stressful and I can only hope it gets better and keep trying new approaches!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Little Update

Our life and routine doesn't ever stick to the exact same thing, but there are some things that are pretty constant. Terran and I still spend a lot of time outside. He loves any and all neighbor kids and will play with them any chance he gets. We love Thanksgiving Point, particularly Farm Country. The park and play group is always fun.

Terran has started to enjoy coloring, but gets bored of actual coloring and would rather eat the crayons and markers or color on the walls! 

It is still a battle to get him to eat a lot and to eat healthy. He is definitely a sugar bug, but I sometimes get him to eat whole grains and occasionally some greens. He loves fruit, yogurt, milk, and candy! He won't eat eggs, cheese, or bananas. Meat is very hit or miss, usually miss. :(

He has started throwing fits more often, I think he is going through a whiny phase because it has become quite often.
He also says a lot more words, with his favorites being "What's that?" "Uh-oh" "Oh no!" and "Whoa!"