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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I feel like the two parts of parenting that have caused me the most stress are Terran's eating and sleeping habits.

I have spent so much time and lost so much sleep trying to get these two things to where I am happy with them, but it just doesn't happen!

Terran has never really slept well, but we at least got into a ten hour night with one awakening and a predictable two hour nap. That, of course, could only last so long. He has recently been cutting about a half hour off his night and trying to skip his nap. I am still able to get him to nap, but it is harder every day! I'm just so frustrated that he doesn't appear to need as much sleep as other kids!

Then there is his eating. Oh my! Since he started solid foods, I have offered veggies multiple times a day. I try to offer healthy variety at each meal. He is picky, and when I finally find something substantial he likes, he quickly decides that he doesn't like it after all. Some days I just am exasperated. He gets cranky and I know it's because of his diet but I can't seem to get him to eat better, even when he is really hungry. He won't ever eat more than one flavor in one sitting, so every time I get him to eat, it is really important that he eats something healthy.

He used to love quinoa, wheat spaghetti, and oatmeal, now he won't touch any of them. He still will eat fruit, thank goodness. He loves his milk and yogurt, but if I let him that is all he would eat and I don't believe that is good for him. And vegetables, well, he will eat a little broccoli, but other than that, I mostly rely on baby food pouches to get that in his diet. I reverted back to that when he would refuse all vegetables.

So very stressful and I can only hope it gets better and keep trying new approaches!

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