"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watching the St. George Marathon

After the Ironman in May, I decided not to sign up for the St. George Marathon since I would be doing the Huntsville Marathon the week before. I regretted the decision a week after I made it and ever since! I seriously loved running in St. George last year and was so sad I took the opportunity away from myself! Zach had to go down there for work. I had looked into volunteering, but all that was left wasn't really going to work with Terran, so I wanted to go watch. I decided not to just to save money, but the Friday before, my friend Robyn text me and said we should have gone! I told her we still could! So, very very last minute we decided to make the 24 hour trip down and back to cheer people on and get in a bike ride. It was so good to be on the cheering side of the race! Not once did I wish I was racing, and I was able to see and cheer on so many people that I know. We also cheered on hundreds of strangers, which is also awesome. The drive down and back definitely sucked, but the company was great, Terran behaved very well considering the weird schedule, we got to see Zach, and Robyn and I had a spectacular bike ride. I have never done any kind of "girl's trip," so it was fun to get away like that.

Although I had to chase him down a few times, Terran did really well for the 3 hours we watched and cheered. He kept himself entertained throwing sticks in the gutter water, playing with political signs, petting other spectator's puppy, and making friends. :)

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