"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, November 29, 2014

What a day!

When Zach travels, I try to fill our days with fun activities for both Terran's and my sake. Zach left for Guam the morning after Thanksgiving and I knew after having family around Terran and I would need to stay busy. So, today we played for a few hours, went to Krispy Kreme, did some Christmas shopping, played at the park, did yard work, took a long nap, went to a Santa parade, watched a little of a movie, took a bubble bath, and went to bed. It was perfect.  :)

Terran ate his donut with no hands, took his own shirt off at the park, socialized before the parade and shared hot cocoa with me after. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rainy day

It's a rainy day and Terran woke up early. We hit up the grocery store then I took him to Chick-fil-A where he spent an hour in the play place and loved on some hash browns. Now, the tired little bugger is sleeping restlessly and has been on my arm for an hour.  :) Daddy gets home tomorrow!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Terran seems to be maturing a lot lately. He plays well and has a great imagination. He loves to "cook" food in his kitchen and makes me eat it. We make noises like "yummmmm" and "sluurrp". I also notice him giving dinosaurs some of his drinks and snacks with the accompanying noises.
He seems to be eating better and understanding me. He learns new words and tries to communicate with me more. He has a good memory and has been doing really well with puzzles.
He is even better at walking and running. He loves to jump with both feet and walk around on his heels. He is a little ahead physically....an email update I get on general development for his age says kids his age can't jump with both feet yet, but Terran does it all the time and is good at it!
After a cold that turned into two ear infections and a sinus infection, he got a bit more affectionate because he wanted hugs and snuggles so much. I hope that stays around. :)

This stage is truly great and I am enjoying our day to day quite immens


I have noticed Terran seems to enjoy watching football on TV. I still like to follow HHS to see how they do and this year they made it to the state championship, which was at the U. I thought since Terran liked it on TV, he might like to see it in person. We made a date with Scott and went. Even though he didn't watch much football, Terran seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere! He behaved extremely well and Scott and I were able to watch a lot of the game and hang out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day has become a really special holiday for me. Being married to Zach and better understanding the sacrifices that veterans make has me appreciate their willingness to serve. I love our country and although there is crime and such, I feel safe here. That is because we have such a great military and security is an important human need. I love seeing companies respect veterans and offer discounts and services for them. We have made it a tradition every year to go to Olive Garden and celebrate Zach being a veteran. Since he had the day off, we were also able to go to the aquarium (for free) as a family. It's such a great day to celebrate Zach and all the others like him!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A heart full of love.

One morning I was able to make Terran some pancakes that he actually ate. I looked over at him and had the most overwhelming feeling of love. It was so strong I almost started crying! It was the weirdest experience but I just tried to take it in and remember what it felt like because it was simply amazing.

Motherhood has been so different than my expectations. Some things have been much harder. Some things I am not nearly as good at as I expected and wanted to be. Some days are so frustrating. But then there are the positive things that are also different than I expected. How nice it is to be held just for comfort. How much power a child's smile has. And, the feelings of love. Love truly is an indescribable emotion that has the power to overcome all other emotion. I wish I could store that feeling I had that morning and pull it out whenever I felt like it because it was the greatest gift I have felt from being a mom.

My Big Baby Boy

Terran has started to seem more and more like a little boy lately. Not only is he physically big, his personality gets stronger by the day! He has become a little tease, holding toys out of reach with a teasing grin. He tricks me with puzzles and says "nooooo" in the cutest, playful voice. He is extremely adamant about his wants. He tells me when he goes #2 in his diaper. I bought a toilet seat for him. He didn't want to sit on it at first, but then he warmed up to the idea. I have just been trying to talk about the potty more and tell him what I am doing when I go to try to get him to think about it. I don't think either of us are ready for actual potty training, but I think this is a good way to prepare him.
Terran went through a phase where he would kiss me all the time, and would give me about eight kisses every night. That lasted maybe two weeks. Then he would tell me "no" when I asked for a kiss. Then he started pretending like he didn't even hear me. Today I was in the shower and he was on the other side of the glass. I asked for a kiss and he immediately went to kiss me through the glass. This told me that he always knows what I am asking for, he just chooses to ignore me!
I have started cherishing little things and phases he goes through because through the kissing stages, I have witnessed just how quickly he goes through different phases. He currently loves to wrap his arms around my neck and make sure we are cheek to cheek before he lets himself fall asleep. I know there are a million books and opinions out there that think this is bad sleep training, but I love it every single time he does it. His sleep is the way it is and if he wants to give me some snuggles, I will take them! Those little arms squeezing my neck so tight will only stay little so long, and he will only want to do it for so long.
He is my little daredevil that loves to be outside and wants to do everything by himself. He loves to help me make food. One of his favorite things in the kitchen is getting on the oven mitts and opening the oven. His next favorite....licking the cookie dough/icing spatulas! He often takes a tub during the day for fun and so I can get ready if I need to. He says bubbles and balloons and wags his finger at me while saying "no, no, no, no, no!" His words come and go in phases. He said banana the other day for the first time and ate half of one, which he has never done! He still loves to be held or carried (on his terms) but he is getting awfully heavy!
There is so much to his personality and I am constantly imagining the amazing person he is becoming!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fun with friends

Zach's best friend from Iraq moved back to Utah so we had him and his wife over for dinner. I love watching Zach and Kyle be buds...they get in their own little world of jokes and stories. Myra was fun to talk to and get to know better. Terran warmed right up to them so that means they are keepers.  :)

Terran and I also went with Lacey and Cal to Gardner's Village. It's a cool little place with boutiques and shops and entertainment. Terran was cranky the whole time but it was a cute, festive atmosphere and we even did a little Christmas shopping.  :)