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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We had a little bit of a unique Christmas this year. My parents headed to Texas to do Christmas with Brad's family in their new house. We discussed it several times and decided not to go. Every time we rehashed it, we came to the same conclusion. The week before, I was checking flights everyday hoping for a miracle sale because I was missing everyone so much! It wasn't meant to be though and I think it will make next year that much better. We were able to do the weekend at the Heber cabin again this year with the White side, and that proved to be a great time.
Because we were going to the cabin, we weren't planning on heading to St. George for Christmas. But, as it inched closer we both wanted to spend more time with family. We decided to do Christmas eve and Christmas morning with just us then head to St. George for the weekend with Zach's family.
I was pretty sad on Christmas Eve because we have several family traditions that felt different without my family. Zach had gone shooting and then he took dinner to the Houstons (they both got the flu on Christmas Eve!), so being alone with Terran like every other day made it seem not like a holiday. But Zach got back and we did our pizza, Luke 2, and Christmas movie to make the Christmas feelings abundant.

Christmas morning was wonderful!  We woke up to a complete covering of snow, Terran snuggled us in bed and watched a few Christmas cartoons. We all went out and opened presents. It wasn't chaotic. It was a fun family time, with Terran loving his presents then helping us open ours! Grandma Karin had sent Terran some really great gifts that he loved. She always helps make our Christmas great!

We made a breakfast casserole together (a change from our traditional breakfast burritos, but delicious and maybe the start of something new) and as it was cooking Terran played with his new toys and we prepared to go to St. George. 

We got to play in the snow a little bit as we shoveled off the driveway. Terran is a fun little helper and he enjoyed making snowballs with his dad. 

We got into town with perfect timing because everyone was coming over to Stan and Sandy's and were ready for dinner. We visited and ate, then did some more presents with everyone. Terran was extremely happy to have cousins around, especially after the time playing with them at the cabin.
Christmas is a time for family and a reflection on Christ and I feel like we were able to experience both in a good way this year!

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