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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Not a fan of colds and a few random things

We are not a fan of colds around here. Every time Terran gets a cold, it turns into double ear infections. We got a list of ENT doctors because he has had so many ear infections it is time to consider getting tubes in his ears. :( That idea is not fun to me, but then I think how miserable we both are for the 2 weeks he is usually sick and it will probably be worth it. This last week was his worst one yet with high fevers and lots of throwing up. It was miserable. However, Zach and I both enjoyed a few extra snuggles during that time.

I gave little buddy a comb over for church. It lasted a whole 12 seconds.

One day Terran came over and sat on me like this as we watched TV.

Some part of most days are spent in the basement and Terran is a fan of my race bling.
Terran loves his truck puzzles Grandma and Grandpa got him for our early Christmas! We do them every day.
 For a few days every time we drove by a park Terran would exclaim "Weee!" I knew he was referring to the slide. One day I was doing errands and trying to get things done when he did it so we impulsively stopped and he was so excited! He purposely posed like this for the picture and thought it was funny.
 Terran loves making faces at the camera now!

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