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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 4, 2015

On Holiday

Man, time definitely got away from me and I have had a few drafts sitting on my bloc waiting to be written. Of course now, since it has been about a month ago that I started them, I will most likely white a quick synopsis with not a lot of detail.

Zach was able to take a lot of time of this year for the holidays, and even took some more as New Year's rolled around since we were having such a great time and there was hardly anyone in the office.

One night we went to the rec center to play basketball. I thought more for Terran, but it ended up with Zach and I laughing one-on-one, just like old times in the early days of our relationship. We couldn't help but laugh at how old we felt compared to then, and we only played games to five points! I ended up winning, but we both had a good time. :)

Zach went coyote hunting with Scott and Colton. They were gone all day and it was freezing. They didn't get to see any coyotes, so it took some of the excitement out of the trip.

We got Zach an annual pass to the aquarium since we go so much, and he likes it as much as Terran! We had an accident with Terran in the stairs where he split open his chin. It was heartbreaking, and was busted open two more times before healing, but it is finally on the mend! 

Most of all, we loved spending carefree time together and letting Zach and Terran's relationship develop.  After almost a month of being apart, it was really good for them to have the time to reconnect.

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