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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A train ride

Terran loves trains. Books, toys, movies, riding over train tracks, and the sounds. He calls them "choo"s and talks about them all day. I thought we could take him on the front runner one day, but had never planned it. I changed from hoping the trains were never coming when we crossed the tracks to wishing they would so Terran could see them.

Spontaneously, I took him to a station to see if we could see one. We had no luck. The next day Zach took him and they saw three! Terran was so excited that Zach really wanted to take him on one, so we planned to go the next day. We checked stops then made a plan to ride up to Sandy, get dinner, and ride back.

Zach seemed as excited as Terran. As I teased him, he reminded me that he had never been on a real train. I never had either so it was exciting to experience a new "first" together.

Terran was a tad impatient once we got to the station. He would go right up to the very edge of the platform, of course. Luckily, we only had to wait about ten minutes before it came. Terran was in my arms, squealing with excitement, then crying because it was fast and loud, then pointing and exclaiming all in a few seconds. He didn't know what to do with himself! Once we got on, Zach insisted on going to the top level for the best view. We quickly found seats and Terran parked it right up against the glass. These are the moments parents live for - seeing their children so happy they can't even contain it. It was impossible not to have a good time. Especially when the attendant came around and have Terran his choice of suckers.  :)

Turns out the cafe right at the stop was closed, so we decided to trek down to the next nearest restaurants, about a mile away. The walk was a little rough because Terran was so sad to be off the train and then he just wanted to play on the rocks and hills as we tried to get to our destination. But, we made it to JCW's and enjoyed some burgers and fries. Zach treated me to a little Red Mango after and we made our way back to wait for the train home.

It was one of the best family nights we have had in a while. Nothing but happiness going around. :)

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