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Monday, March 30, 2015

Terran tidbits

I decided to keep track of a few things with Terran as the days go by. This is one big blog post about him over a few weeks:

Terran brought me a stick today that had a bug the size of a poppy seed on it. He was intrigued and really wanted to share it with me. I don't even know how he spotted it!

Terran went from calling my dad "dad" to "a-pa" today.

Zach and I were eating dinner one night and Terran was somewhere playing. It was a little quiet for my liking so I called out his name. There was a pause and Terran yelled "Waaat!?" Zach's eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. He had never heard Terran say "what", much less with attitude!

Terran has had SO many ear infections in his life. Only one cold hasn't resulted in one. He has been really sick so we went in to check. He doesn't have one yet, so I'm hoping he doesn't get one! He saw a teen put on a mask when she came in and decided he needed one too.

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