"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter weekend

We knew early on that Zach wasn't going to be around for Easter, conference, Dad's birthday, or my birthday, so I planned a trip down south for all of those big events. I had some training I wanted to get in on the Ironman course, so that was included in the plans. 

I ran the whole course at the pace I want to run on race day and felt amazing! It was the most enjoyable run I had had in months!
 Mom and Dad's neighbors are the Amy's. Charlotte and I were friends right away (I met her after I locked myself out of my parent's house and had to go use her phone!). They have four kids and Terran loves playing with them. Their backyard is like his kind of heaven. Since becoming their friend, he has learned to climb really tall trees, jump off of roofs, slide down mountains, swing on rope swings, and ride ponies (not tethered and walking in a circle). We ended up over there one night and he climbed right in with their bunny and thought it was hilarious.

Saturday we went to the Hurricane Easter Egg Hunt. Terran would pick a few candies then want to eat some. He hasn't become a die-hard egg hunter yet and I just cherished his non-selfish attitude about the whole thing.

After the hunt I went on my longest training ride for this race. Solo. 60 miles. That is the farthest I have ever ridden alone and it was a great ride. I totally bonked with just a few miles to go, but luckily I was right by the Maverick by Sand Hollow road and was able to grab a hot dog off their grill and some strawberry milk and make it back to my car! Hopefully that ride helped my body prep for race day!

That night we did another hunt with the Amy's and another neighbor. It was such a blast and Trujillo even busted out the pony and wagon, and their miniature horse. 

 To top off the weekend, we all got sick! Terran was really bad for a few days and it was terribly sad. Thankfully, he got over it pretty quick, and left me, Dad, and then Mom to be sick. It made for snuggles all day and watching conference, so maybe there was a little bit of good to come from feeling crummy.

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