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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A day in the life

I thought it might be fun to document a normal day in my life. So this was today (not every thing but a pretty good chunk):

12 am - went to bed after staying up to get a run in. I called it quits halfway through because my body was tired and it just wasn't worth sacrificing more sleep.

6 am  - Terran wakes up earlier than anticipated and comes into my room. He sees my phone and say "show" and I don't really hesitate because I need more sleep. I spend the next hour trying to catch a few winks while adjusting his shows every 5-7 minites.

I finally decide he needs to get off the YouTube train shows, get out of his diaper, and get some breakfast. I throw on the first and easiest thing I find, lounge shorts and an old race shirt, step over his train tracks into the kitchen and notice that while I was changing he went potty in his froggy potty on his own. The "yay! Potty dance" ensues.
I open a bag of oatmeal and pour it into a bowl. He insists that it's his and I can't cook it, so I let him eat it dry and get him some yogurt. I make myself some ham and eggs, not because it sounds good, but because I think the ham is about to go bad and I hate the thought of wasting food. I'm trying to eat as I clean up Terran's yogurt mess. He then takes my yogurt and eats half of it, spitting out the mango chunks. Bon appetit!

Time to paint! I draw balloons on paper, then Terran paints them. I feel he is being mischievous, I look over, and he is painting his hands. He laughs and I smile but also remind him to only paint on paper.

It's only like 7:30 but he is ready to go out back. I open the door and try to force more breakfast down. Soon there is screaming so I run out there. It's just because the cement is cold and wet so all is well.

We start looking for bugs. We find a rolie polie and pick it up. It's fascinating to watch it curl into a ball, uncurl, and walk a little ways. Then it falls through the crack in the steps and I rush to find another. We see the neighbor cat walking around so we spend time stroking the kitty. I go in to clean up a bit, see the rest of my breakfast and take one more bite, and come back out when Terran yells "cmere" and wants to show me something.

I call our dental insurance to verify coverage. I call the DMV trying to track down where our registration stickers are. They get sent. I call our health insurance to discuss a referral from January that still hasn't been filed correctly. After months of back and forth about that ENT bill, I get it sorted out!

I make cupcakes for activity days later. Terran helps me taste test and says "dat's gooooood."

We eventually make it to the garage to get the lawn mower ready. I also get Terran's  lawn mower ready by adding more bubble solution. It doesn't work. He is pretty distraught about it so I tell him to get on my back and we will mow together. We start off and he is squealing with laughter. He loves it for about two rows then decides to go play in a bush in our front mound as I almost finish the front yard. He has to help me dump the clippings in the garbage.

I mow the back and notice our neighbors across the street come out. Terran has quite an affection for them, so I tell him I saw Cal outside and he says "a-moo" (he thinks his name is Cow) and gets his shoes and tries to head over.

After making sure he checks for cars, I throw everything back in the garage and vaguely realize I haven't gotten ready and might look like a dude. I don't think Lacey will judge me too harshly so I head on over too.

We play and chat, seeing other friends and neighbors. We end up down at the Atkinson's.

Two hours later, after a poo accident and a tired and hungry child, we head back to the house. Terran has a meltdown since it's past naptime and he hasn't had lunch. He refuses to eat but we head to his room with a cup of half-water half-juice and another of milk. He screams a few more times and goes potty on the big potty and we are both really excited about it, then goes to sleep.

I sleep for about 16 minutes and once I wake up my mind starts thinking of all I could do if I don't sleep.

I frost the cupcakes and prepare stuff for activity days. I find out that I get to head up the activity. I try to motivate myself for my run. I fight for energy in my legs as I try to maintain an 8 min/mile. Every so often I take my headphones out to make sure Terran isn't crying. Around 4 miles in, I notice he came down the stairs, 40 minutes earlier than I expected. His first word is "choo", so I set up a show and explain I have to finish my workout. I'm only interrupted maybe four times as I finish. He starts being silly to get my attention. I grab him and we laugh. We go upstairs to play trains. I think about making dinner, then realize I haven't heard from Zach which means he probably isn't coming home. He was working "in the field" today.

I talk to my sister on the phone about new mom, new baby stuff. Then I realize I better get showered if I want to go to activity days clean. I wonder if I can trust Terran without a diaper on and decide I can. He went potty on his own during my shower. :) I get us both ready and make sure he gets bread and an apple before we go since there will be cupcakes and I want his belly to have something healthy in it.

We go to activity days and Terran's friend is there, so they play while I talk about modesty with the girls. Terran and Bridger snag a couple cupcakes. Jenn takes them out and keeps track of Terran. Unexpected  blessing. Everything goes great and we head home, giving one of the girls I just met a ride home. We get out of the car and Terran jumps on his bike and is off. I succumb to the fact that dinner will have to wait a little longer and I eat another cupcake.

More time with Lacey and Cal, then with several other neighbors. Terran biffs it in the street trying to kick a ball, but after a quick hug he is off running again.

We finally head inside for the night and I make dinner. Three of Terran's favorites so he will hopefully get a full belly. He refuses two out of the three.

Tub time. He finally realizes he scratched up his knee really good when he fell and rolled in the street. I take him out of the tub crying and brush his teeth. He puts his head on my forehead. We touch noses and he gives me a huge smile.

Bedtime with stories, prayer, and snuggles. A song, a hug, a kiss, and he rolls over as I tickle his back. Then my babe is snoozing.

I'm tired but I want a minute of me time. I read an article on strengthening marriage then Zach calls. He is staying at Camp Williams. He tells me about his day of combat training and I tell him about Terran's potty training success. We chat and miss each other and say goodnight.

I write this blog post, wash my face, brush my teeth, and go to bed, thankful I did my workout earlier in the day.

A pretty good day if you ask me.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading this!! Love you lots!