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Monday, May 18, 2015

Potty training

We started potty training last week. I mentioned before my thoughts on when to start and I decided that since we would be home for a few weeks that it would be a good time to try.

I geared up by making a potty chart and getting star stickers for it. I modeled it after numerous charts I found online. I also made sure to have a new kind of sweet treat that Terran would love but doesn't have very often (Skittles). We talked about using the potty and I started reading a Big Boy potty book I had gotten him last year sometime. I had a clear schedule and was trying to stay home as much as possible. We talked about it through the weekend and I started on Monday.

I told him how we weren't going to use diapers anymore and instead we were going to wear his train underwear and go potty in his froggy potty. I was getting everything ready for the day and he was in the basement and wet his pants a little. After that first instance, he did wonderfully. I took him to the potty every so often and he pretty much peed every time. He got a star for pulling down his undies, sitting on the potty, peeing on the potty, flushing the toilet and washing his hands. He loved it, and I didn't even use the treats yet.

The next day was just as great and I was really hoping things were going to be that easy. The second night it was almost bedtime and I was reading on the couch. Terran was playing with Zach and I thought to have him go potty, but I didn't act on it. Not even a minute later Terran peed in his undies. We cleaned it up and got ready for bed. Two days and only two accidents. I liked how things were going. He hadn't pooped yet, he somehow only did with a diaper so that was okay.

Wednesday I was just a bit late every time he had to go potty. I wasn't getting him to sit on it enough or we would be outside playing and he would get distracted and go in his undies. He also pooped in his underwear, and that wasn't very fun to clean up. He started fighting me when I would ask him to sit on the potty. Accident after accident and I was losing a little bit of hope.

The next few days were a little better, but not like the first two days. He would cry and scream sometimes when I was trying to get him to sit on the potty. Then I would basically bribe him to sit on the potty with treats, which he would, and then he would go. But after a few times, the bribing didn't really help either. The stars lost their luster after the second day. I think there were too many columns where he got too many stars so they really weren't special.I started getting frustrated and I am sure that emotion crept into my voice, even as I tried to be patience and explain things over and over.

Zach did really well to help him get into his undies and to go on the potty, but I think he also started getting frustrated with the accidents and the fight.

I bought pull ups and we tried those when we went out with some friends, but they leaked through on his first pee. It was weird, but I guess they are for when they are mostly potty trained and barely pee?? I don't know.

On Sunday he ended up in a diaper a lot with church and his nap, then in the evening he had several accidents, a few right in a row. Poop, pee, then poop again. That wasn't fun to clean up! I started wondering if we should wait longer. I have had many people they waited until three years old with their boys and it was easy. Or I had heard that if you try and it doesn't work to try again in a few months. I was considering this and after a couple accidents Zach came in and said he wasn't ready. But, I really wasn't quite ready to give up. Terran had actually made quite a bit of progress in understanding the concept. He would hold himself or dance a little when he needed to go. He was learning pulling up and pulling down his underwear. When he couldn't go on the potty he would say "it won't work." I think he might have been fighting sitting on the potty so much because many of those times he recognized that he didn't have to go. I decided I would try at least another week and see how it went.

I had read about potty training probably about a year ago and kind of went off of memory. Sunday night I read into it some and got a few new ideas, mainly that when we are home it means no pants. No undies, no diapers, just bare bottom. I decided to try that this week.

It is now Monday afternoon and he has been perfect. Zero accidents, several pees in the potty, when he had to toot he got really worried and ran to the potty. I figured he had to go poo, so we tried sitting on the potty three times for several minutes. He never went, but he didn't fight me about it and he didn't have an accident, so that is progress. He did run and get me a diaper for him to put on, which reinforced my idea that he had to go. But I explained again that when we are home he no longer wears diapers and they are only when we go to stores or places without potties. He tried to get me to put his diaper on one more time, I reexplained, and he accepted it. He loves flushing it down the toilet and does a good job washing his hands. One time he was outside playing, then he came running in looking for his potty. I grabbed it and he sat down and went. That was great! It was one of the few times he initiated going on the potty, but he has done that a few more times today. I am glad I am still trying. Hopefully this week just gets better instead of regressing as it goes on like last week.

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