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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 18, 2015

Terran and Bridger

Oh, to be two and have your best friend live three doors down! Terran and Bridger have become such good friends that they somehow manage to play together every single day! Bridger is about seven months older than Terran. In the beginning, they really didn't care to play together. Terran liked tagging along with Bridger's older sister, Chloe, and Bridger did his own thing. As time went on, they became buds.

Bridger started coming down to our house, running and calling out for Terran. Terran would run and meet him on the sidewalk and they would stop and chat for a minute before commencing play time, whether that be looking for bugs or riding bikes.

Apparently, when Bridger wakes up each morning, he asks to play with Terran. If we are outside and Bridger isn't, Terran asks for him. Terran calls him "chee," which means "kid" usually but when he says it a certain way I know he is talking about Bridger.

Since Terran started potty training, Bridger had noticed. One morning he woke up and went to the bathroom and told his mom he wanted to be like Terran.

Jen (his mom) and I have now stopped three fistfights between them. Boys, right? It's been over bikes and bugs and who knows what else!

One of my favorite stories of those two happened outside. We were across the street at the Freeman's and Bridger came flying overwanting to pay. They played there with Cal for a few minutes then ended up walking back down to Bridger's. I kept an eye on them the whole way but wanted to give Terran a little space and freedom. They played in Bridger's garage for a moment and when I glanced back they were headed our way. One had a hunting rifle and the other had a machine Nerf gun. They were strolling down the neighborhood with a "nobody's gonna mess with us" air about them and I couldn't help but start laughing. Two little two year olds patrolling the neighborhood. :)

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