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Monday, May 18, 2015

Terran Tidbits

Every time we go out in public, people still comment on Terran's hair. How thick it is, how awesome, how no two year olds have that much hair, etc. It is getting a bit longer again and I love it. He sometimes lets me style it, but it's usually a quick job or I have to chase him around the house and just get what gel in it I can. He usually ends up with a messy style, but it's adorable and matches his adventurous personality. He absolutely hates when I wash it in the tub though. He cries and says "ow, ow, ow" the whole time.

He says I love you with his fingers, trying to do the sign language. :)

Terran loves to run and tuck and roll onto his bed at nighttime. He also likes to climb on his bookshelf and jump into his bed. Gotta get a little more crazy energy out right before bed...

Terran said "I love you" to me twice this past week, but refuses to say it on demand.

Terran and his buddy Bridger have now had three episodes of tempers mixed with pushing and balled fists. At two years old?

Speaking of tempers, Terran's has been shining through lately. Just tonight, he was kicking in the bathroom door because Zach had locked it and he wanted in! 

Terran only eats the crust off pieces of bread. And it has to be the kind with seeds.

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