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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Potty trained

Just a quick update on Terran's potty training.

When we went to Texas, I was nervous Terran would regress with his near perfect potty training. At the airport he told me three times he had to pee and never peed in his diaper. I was surprised and impressed. When we got to Brad's house, Amanda got their training potty out for me, but Terran quickly decided he didn't like it and figure out how to climb up on the big potty and go. He had a few accidents at their house, but did really well.

Before we had left to Texas, we had gone shooting and I taught Terran how to pee outside since we would be going camping soon and I didn't want to have to carry a potty everywhere anyway. He caught right on and I was thrilled. However, he likes it a little too much, so that has been a tad of a inconvenience when we are in public places.

Now, probably about a month after training, he is near perfect in the pee category, but his poo needs a little of attention. In Texas, he would go on the toilet and it wasn't a big deal, but then he started resisting that and soon would only go outside or when he had a diaper on for nap and bedtime (I always explain when I put a diaper on that we only use that at nap and bedtime so that we don't wet the bed). That continued on at home. He is still going outside way too often. The positive is that he always tells me. He also dislikes poop in his diaper so he tells me right away when he does go. I am trying to be consistent in explaining that we poo on the potty and not outside, and I help him flush it down the toilet after I clean it up. I am a bit frustrated that he keeps going outside, but I want to refrain from anger with the situation so we are taking this issue slow and steady. Talking about it a lot seems to help, so now I am hoping that I can time it better and help him remember to use the potty more.

All in all, he has done great and I am surprised at how happy I am not to be changing diapers anymore!

7/24/15 Update: I kept working on teaching Terran to poo in the potty, but not much was changing. I wasn't sure what to do. One day a few weeks ago he had an accident on his car rug in the playroom (the only indoor poor accident) and Zach was the one who found out. I was tempted to help but didn't. Zach took a while to clean it up and I listened to him explain to Terran that he can't do that, etc... The next day Terran told me he had to go so I sent him to his potty and he told me about Daddy saying he had to go in the potty and the he can't go by his cars. Since then, he has not gone outside and I don't think he has even gone in his diaper. Froggy potty, all the time. I guess he just need a little dad guidance about the whole thing.

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