"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, July 31, 2015


I took Terran swimming tonight and it was the one of the best times we have ever had! He did the water slide several times, then I put on his floating and we went around the lazy river. I would start to let go to see if he would float, but he would instinctively grab me. Gradually, I got him to trust I was still there and he would swim a bit and get really excited. Soon enough, he was pushing me away and grabbing the wall to put distance between us! He was full on swimming by himself, kicking his legs and using his arms! We were laughing so hard and I felt so much joy! I also felt like my little baby is growing up. We played for hours and he never tired of it. I was so proud of my little man tonight!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mommy and Me Swim Lessons

I had wanted to do swim lessons for Terran for a while, so I signed us up for a two week course while Zach was gone. When it first started, it seemed too elementary and I was hesitant to keep going for two weeks. I decided to cancel, but that night in the tub, Terran talked about what he had learned at lessons and I decided it would be worth it, and maybe some would stick around for next year. We went every day after that and he did really great. There were a few days where he would refuse to do what we told him, but he also had a few days where he did everything! They learned to blow bubbles with their mouth and nose, belly float, back float (assisted), belly glides, back glides (arms in front and overhead with hands on top of each other), and ice cream scoops, where they scooped the water with their hands in a swim stroke position. We also played fun games -"motor boat, motor boat go so slow, motor boat, motor boat go so fast, motor boat, motor boat step on the gas, motor boat, motor boat we're all gonna crash!"  and "I'm a little pancake small and flat, flip me over onto my back - I'm a little pancake round and yummy, flip me over on to my tummy"  and "Kids in the pool go up and down, up and down, up and down, kids in the pool go up and down, all day long." After each round they would have to put their ears, chin, hair, etc in the water and Terran did really good with his ears. He has been a little weird about getting his ears wet after so many ear infections, but has gotten so much better about it.

All in all, I am so glad we stuck with it. He seemed to learn a lot, and he really enjoys the pool. I like teaching him in a group like that.

Terran Tidbits

Yesterday Terran held a long-haired guinea pig. It's hair got all over his hands and he didn't like it. Today when we saw his favorite cat (who sheds a lot) I asked if he wanted to pet it. He said "no, hair."

Terran knows every trick in the book to get out of bed at bedtime. Thirsty, hungry, has to pee, wants his toy, has an owie, you name it.

On our jog home from the park today, Terran said "I want Poppy" over and over until he fell asleep. He loves his old grandpa man.

Lindsey sent me a picture of Brooklyn being all chubby. I showed it to Terran and asked "is that a chubby baby?" He looked at it, paused, then exclaimed "a gubby!" Gubby is a word Scott used a long time ago for a double chin and it has stuck in our family. Terran has recently learned it and obviously understands what it is!

Terran likes to climb in the pantry and hang out on the top shelf.

We babysat some twins the other day and Terran was the best little helper! He was dangling things for them, dancing for them, and calling them to come play when he went to the other room, saying "babyyyyy!"

Lehi Carnival

The night of the 24th we went to the Lehi Resident Appreciation Carnival. There were booths and rides, but we spent all of our time at the inflatable slide, the train, the boat, and the snow cone shack. If you know Terran, those four things would make that kids night any day! We had gotten a coupon for 10 free rides in the mail, so we just played hard until they ran out and got a "buee" snow cone before heading home. We saw some fireworks as we walked to the car to end a great day!

Hiking at Silver Lake

Well the 24th rolled around and Zach was in LA working at the Special Olympics World Games. I counted and it is the fifth holiday (including my birthday) that he has had to work this year. I was pretty bummed in the morning, and I debated between hanging around the house all day, watching shows and playing trains, just trying not to get in a bad mood, and actually doing something to celebrate Pioneer Day. Luckily, my good sense won out and I loaded Terran up to go to the Wildflower Festival up at Brighton resort. They had several hikes, including kids hikes with activities, so I was planning on making one of those. A late start and Brighton being farther away than I remembered, got us there a few minutes late. I thought we would be fine, but Terran had fallen asleep a few minutes before we arrived. I don't make it a habit to wake him from his naps because he has a pretty cranky temperament and I believe if he fell asleep he probably needs some rest. So I rolled down the windows and let the mountain breeze keep us cool. He woke up a bit later, after we had missed the last hike, and we ended up exploring what to do instead. I finally decided on hiking around Silver Lake.

It was beautiful. I have a lot of winter memories at Brighton, so I kept having those flashbacks as we hiked around. We saw the place where the Quigloo used to be (one of my favorite family ski trips), we drove by Das Alpen Haus, and as we hiked around Silver Lake, I realized that was where we cross country skied. The day was perfect, and after Terran woke up out of his groggy state, he was in a great mood. I saw a lot of the back of his head all day! He would run up ahead, find a rock to climb or a log to cross, and then keep going. We saw ducks, we climbed a rock face (that was pretty awesome...about 30 feet up with lots of footholds. Once Terran saw other people doing it, I knew there was no stopping him. When we reached the top, he exclaimed "Woo! I did it!"), we did shoulder rides, we explored in the brush, and we talked a lot about colors. White, yellow, pink flowers, blue boats (kayaks), white rocks. We had a little picnic on the dock with the ducks. It was a marvelous day with little complaining or fits and lots of fun.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First overnighter

I have been wanting to do an overnighter with Zach for a while. I finally feel comfortable enough to leave Terran with my parents so I was looking for the opportunity. While we were in Tropic and it was raining, I got the idea to leave a day early, bring Terran to New Harmony, then spend the night in St. George and do Angel's Landing the next day with Zach. Zach was game, and my parents wonderfully agreed. We packed up camp Friday and headed to New Harmony.

We took the road over Cedar Mountain and not only was it beautiful, but Zach spent a lot of the drive reminiscing about childhood memories. He spent a lot of time up there with his family, so it was cool for me to hear some of the stories.

We stopped at my parent's to get cleaned up and say hi, then headed to St. Geroge. First stop, Pancho and Lefty's. It was so nice to be on a date and only think about hanging out with each other. We got a hotel then went to see Jurassic World at the movies. Such a rarity these days. After the movie we went back and spent some time in the hot tub before going to bed. Zach asked me what time we were going to wake up and I said I have no schedule and no agenda, I was only worried about enjoying out time. It was refreshing to think like that.

We woke up and had breakfast, then headed to Zion's to hike Angel's Landing. We had to walk to the shuttle, then as we headed up the hike we ended up running almost the whole way. We got to the chains and it was scary! I have never been there when it was that busy and it amplified the possibility of accident. I told myself I could do it, and we made it. Zach got all daredevil on me and was climbing rocks and such, so I finally said let's go. We ran the whole way down which made it more enjoyable for me. By the end we were feeling great instead of tired and beat down. 

We had been so excited to go to the Pizza Noodle (we went there when we were dating), but we got there and it didn't open for another hour and a half! That was the only disappointment of the whole trip. We went to Hurricane for lunch then headed back.

I couldn't believe how enjoyable those 24 hours were. I felt in love, I felt carefree, and I felt like I found myself a little bit. 

Terran did amazing with Mom and Dad, and they really enjoyed being with him. When we got back Terran acted a little shy towards me! It was unexpected, but he warmed up real quick and started bossing us all to play with him. Mom and Dad are the best and I am so grateful for their love and friendship and I am also grateful Terran loves them so much!

Tropic 2015

We went to Tropic again this summer. We couldn't wait to get out where there was no cell service and just have Zach to ourselves, no phones being carried everywhere! We went planning on just enjoying our time in the mountains, and we did. Terran loved playing with Kenton, Zach got in shooting and fishing, and I had time to read and relax.

It rained a lot this year, but we still managed to have a great time. Terran now associated thunder and lightening with the fishing boat, because every time we went out, a storm brewed and came our way. He seemed to really enjoy floating along, but didn't really care to do anything with the fish Zach caught.

My parents came up for two nights. Since we do Tropic with Zach's family, that was a fun little change.

I always think about how much we camped as kids and how impressive my parents are with how they did it. We always did the primitive style, and I only have good memories of camping. Now that I am a parent, I realize that it was a lot of work, but they were amazing at it! Zach and I really enjoy going, so I just hope we can help our kids make wonderful memories too.

Independence Day

We were able to go to the Lehi Round Up parade which was the week before the 4th. It was so fun for Terran to see the fire trucks and the floats. He liked getting candy but really wasn't die hard about it, which I found to be sweet. 

Our neighborhood did a July 3rd celebration, with neighbors gathering in a dead end of the street. They had fun fireworks for the little kids and there was ice cream and popsicles. We invited the Houstons and headed down with the Freemans. It was fun to watch the kids interact and get excited about Pop-Its and sparklers. Terran got tired before it got dark. He swung his arm and said "ready to go" so I knew he wanted to go home. I didn't mind missing the big fireworks because we had a good time.

On the 4th, I got up early to run the Riverton Country 10k. I was excited to race again, but hadn't really prepped well. I ran it in 51:xx, took 1st in my age group and 9th overall. It was a great way to start off the day. 

We then headed to a pool party and BBQ at Lacey's mom's house, where we met a lot of new people and let Terran run around. We ended up leaving early because Zach had to work the Stadium of Fire again, and I decided to take Terran home to nap. I was pretty sad to be without Zach on such a patriotic holiday. 

Terran and I did more sparklers and Pop-Its. I had to do a fire too so I could light the sparklers because the breeze was enough that matches weren't working. I suppose that made it more fun! Terran had fun, but once I thought to take pictures he wouldn't give me the time of day! I wasn't going to try to see fireworks since he goes to sleep before they start, but he showed signs of being able to stay awake so I loaded him up in the car and headed to Thanksgiving Point. There were so many great fireworks already going off that we watched them the whole way. We parked and I was trying to get Terran to the park to get a spot, but he didn't really want to get out of the car. So we watched fireworks with the windows down then headed home. I was a bit sad to miss the show, but we got such a good show already that it was okay.