"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First overnighter

I have been wanting to do an overnighter with Zach for a while. I finally feel comfortable enough to leave Terran with my parents so I was looking for the opportunity. While we were in Tropic and it was raining, I got the idea to leave a day early, bring Terran to New Harmony, then spend the night in St. George and do Angel's Landing the next day with Zach. Zach was game, and my parents wonderfully agreed. We packed up camp Friday and headed to New Harmony.

We took the road over Cedar Mountain and not only was it beautiful, but Zach spent a lot of the drive reminiscing about childhood memories. He spent a lot of time up there with his family, so it was cool for me to hear some of the stories.

We stopped at my parent's to get cleaned up and say hi, then headed to St. Geroge. First stop, Pancho and Lefty's. It was so nice to be on a date and only think about hanging out with each other. We got a hotel then went to see Jurassic World at the movies. Such a rarity these days. After the movie we went back and spent some time in the hot tub before going to bed. Zach asked me what time we were going to wake up and I said I have no schedule and no agenda, I was only worried about enjoying out time. It was refreshing to think like that.

We woke up and had breakfast, then headed to Zion's to hike Angel's Landing. We had to walk to the shuttle, then as we headed up the hike we ended up running almost the whole way. We got to the chains and it was scary! I have never been there when it was that busy and it amplified the possibility of accident. I told myself I could do it, and we made it. Zach got all daredevil on me and was climbing rocks and such, so I finally said let's go. We ran the whole way down which made it more enjoyable for me. By the end we were feeling great instead of tired and beat down. 

We had been so excited to go to the Pizza Noodle (we went there when we were dating), but we got there and it didn't open for another hour and a half! That was the only disappointment of the whole trip. We went to Hurricane for lunch then headed back.

I couldn't believe how enjoyable those 24 hours were. I felt in love, I felt carefree, and I felt like I found myself a little bit. 

Terran did amazing with Mom and Dad, and they really enjoyed being with him. When we got back Terran acted a little shy towards me! It was unexpected, but he warmed up real quick and started bossing us all to play with him. Mom and Dad are the best and I am so grateful for their love and friendship and I am also grateful Terran loves them so much!

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