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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hiking at Silver Lake

Well the 24th rolled around and Zach was in LA working at the Special Olympics World Games. I counted and it is the fifth holiday (including my birthday) that he has had to work this year. I was pretty bummed in the morning, and I debated between hanging around the house all day, watching shows and playing trains, just trying not to get in a bad mood, and actually doing something to celebrate Pioneer Day. Luckily, my good sense won out and I loaded Terran up to go to the Wildflower Festival up at Brighton resort. They had several hikes, including kids hikes with activities, so I was planning on making one of those. A late start and Brighton being farther away than I remembered, got us there a few minutes late. I thought we would be fine, but Terran had fallen asleep a few minutes before we arrived. I don't make it a habit to wake him from his naps because he has a pretty cranky temperament and I believe if he fell asleep he probably needs some rest. So I rolled down the windows and let the mountain breeze keep us cool. He woke up a bit later, after we had missed the last hike, and we ended up exploring what to do instead. I finally decided on hiking around Silver Lake.

It was beautiful. I have a lot of winter memories at Brighton, so I kept having those flashbacks as we hiked around. We saw the place where the Quigloo used to be (one of my favorite family ski trips), we drove by Das Alpen Haus, and as we hiked around Silver Lake, I realized that was where we cross country skied. The day was perfect, and after Terran woke up out of his groggy state, he was in a great mood. I saw a lot of the back of his head all day! He would run up ahead, find a rock to climb or a log to cross, and then keep going. We saw ducks, we climbed a rock face (that was pretty awesome...about 30 feet up with lots of footholds. Once Terran saw other people doing it, I knew there was no stopping him. When we reached the top, he exclaimed "Woo! I did it!"), we did shoulder rides, we explored in the brush, and we talked a lot about colors. White, yellow, pink flowers, blue boats (kayaks), white rocks. We had a little picnic on the dock with the ducks. It was a marvelous day with little complaining or fits and lots of fun.

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