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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mommy and Me Swim Lessons

I had wanted to do swim lessons for Terran for a while, so I signed us up for a two week course while Zach was gone. When it first started, it seemed too elementary and I was hesitant to keep going for two weeks. I decided to cancel, but that night in the tub, Terran talked about what he had learned at lessons and I decided it would be worth it, and maybe some would stick around for next year. We went every day after that and he did really great. There were a few days where he would refuse to do what we told him, but he also had a few days where he did everything! They learned to blow bubbles with their mouth and nose, belly float, back float (assisted), belly glides, back glides (arms in front and overhead with hands on top of each other), and ice cream scoops, where they scooped the water with their hands in a swim stroke position. We also played fun games -"motor boat, motor boat go so slow, motor boat, motor boat go so fast, motor boat, motor boat step on the gas, motor boat, motor boat we're all gonna crash!"  and "I'm a little pancake small and flat, flip me over onto my back - I'm a little pancake round and yummy, flip me over on to my tummy"  and "Kids in the pool go up and down, up and down, up and down, kids in the pool go up and down, all day long." After each round they would have to put their ears, chin, hair, etc in the water and Terran did really good with his ears. He has been a little weird about getting his ears wet after so many ear infections, but has gotten so much better about it.

All in all, I am so glad we stuck with it. He seemed to learn a lot, and he really enjoys the pool. I like teaching him in a group like that.

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