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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Terran Tidbits

Yesterday Terran held a long-haired guinea pig. It's hair got all over his hands and he didn't like it. Today when we saw his favorite cat (who sheds a lot) I asked if he wanted to pet it. He said "no, hair."

Terran knows every trick in the book to get out of bed at bedtime. Thirsty, hungry, has to pee, wants his toy, has an owie, you name it.

On our jog home from the park today, Terran said "I want Poppy" over and over until he fell asleep. He loves his old grandpa man.

Lindsey sent me a picture of Brooklyn being all chubby. I showed it to Terran and asked "is that a chubby baby?" He looked at it, paused, then exclaimed "a gubby!" Gubby is a word Scott used a long time ago for a double chin and it has stuck in our family. Terran has recently learned it and obviously understands what it is!

Terran likes to climb in the pantry and hang out on the top shelf.

We babysat some twins the other day and Terran was the best little helper! He was dangling things for them, dancing for them, and calling them to come play when he went to the other room, saying "babyyyyy!"

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