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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 31, 2015


Early on in the summer, Jen Atkinson asked me if I was putting Terran in preschool. I hadn't even considered it. Her boy is Bridger, who is Terran's best friend, and he turned 3 in august so he was going. I told Jen Terran was still too young and we would have to wait.

It turns out our neighbor Jen Robison was actually teaching preschool, and Bridger and Terran play with her little girl Daylyce all the time. Both Jens told me they thought Terran could do it, and I figured since he would prefer to be playing with them anyway so it might just work. He typically listens better with other kids and in group settings.

Jen R. and I decided I would stay so if he was distracting I could intervene without it interrupting her class.

As it got closer and I realized what preschool would entail, I got hesitant with letting my baby take this step to growing up. There was no need to rush it. But I talked myself back into it because I figure he could get a head start on learning and end up at Kindergarten ahead of the curve.

We got to his class and all he wanted to talk about were the cars he plays with there. He went right to play with the toys. I'm sure it didn't help that he plays over there often and all they do is play.

Jen did a little welcome activity and he listened okay. Then we went back downstairs to start and all the moms left. Terran just thought it was playtime and wouldn't sit with the group. They all were listening and repeating each others names while I was trying to get Terran to just sit on his mat. His attention span was too short to listen to instructions. A few times I thought he was going to start participating, but he just went back to toys and tried to bring them to the circle.

I couldn't help but think that what he needs at this age is still to be carefree and playful. I didn't want to force him to abandon his desire to play with toys so young. In a way, I was relieved to see the answer staring back at me. Deep down I felt like it was better for me and him to spend more time together before he is in school next year. Especially with me coaching this basketball season, I knew as I brought him home that this was the best decision for us.

I'm not sure the age cutoff for elementary but I think Terran might still have two years before Kindergarten so I have no qualms about not doing it this year. And, to be honest, I'm excited to still have so much time with him during the week. :)

(I have to say that Terran didn't get a great breakfast, which is both mine and Zach's fault, and that contributed to him not wanting to do as he was told. I still think the end decision is best but I do think he would have done a little better with a good breakfast in his belly.)

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