"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Terran Today

I let Terran play with uncooked black beans while I tried to get lunch ready. He dumped them cup by cup on the floor. I swept them up. He came and scattered them by hand.

I later came in the room while he was eating Cheerios. He had dumped 3/4 of the bag in his bowl and on the counter. He was flicking them off the counter one by one.

As I was doing some things for activity days, he asked/demanded to paint again. We did that a few days ago while I worked on a craft. I set up his cardboard and gave him some brushes, then went to finish what I was doing. I came back to my blue man. Blue belly, blue arms, and even some on his cheek and chin. I expressed my astonishment and maybe laughed a little, then he threw his head back and gave me a hearty laugh. It was all fun and exploring, you see.

This instances were strange for me because for the last several months Terran has been so trustworthy when I leave him alone. I'm guessing that phase may be ending. :)

He fell asleep on our way to my bball game so I knew he would be cranky. I didn't realize he would cry big tearful cries whenever I stepped onto the court. :(

On our way home from the game, Terran held my hand in the car and said over and over, "This is fun!" I had to laugh. He must have really missed being with me when I was playing ball. :)

And one random sidenote, he slept almost 12 hours, straight through the night last night! First time ever.