"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 21, 2015


After my profound realization that Terran just needs more play time at this age, we seem to be playing all the time. And get this, he is really happy about it! Go figure.

I promised Terran one day we would go to a bouncy house, and when we got there, they were gone! I didn't want to disappoint him and make him think I didn't mean what I said, so I found the closest place that had one and it turned out to have a lot of fun rides he wanted to do too! The idea of these places are so great, but it seems almost impossible for them to keep them clean. :( That's not my favorite, but his smiles and squeals of laughter is!

 One morning I decided to take Terran to the river a few miles from our house. He started out on his bike and made it about a mile, with small stops to watch construction trucks and to ramp off of dirt hills. Then he got tired, and I had the stroller so he got in. This was also a plan to get my five miles of running in for the day, so we continued jogging to the river. He loved throwing rocks into the water and looking for sharks. Sharks are so exciting to him right now. It started out chilly, but little by little, he stripped down to just his undies. He loved playing so we were there for a long time. While watching him, I couldn't help but feel happy that he was happy, thankful for a beautiful place to live, and enjoy that we both love the outdoors.

 Every Tuesday and Thursday he has a play date with Bridger. I take them on Tuesdays for a few hours and Jen takes them Thursdays. They would probably play together anyway, so it helps to have it scheduled so we can plan around it and get a few hours to ourselves to take care of other things. These playdates are so great because they both love having a buddy to do things with! Pictures from a park/bike ride/scooter play date and a trip to the Curiosity Museum.

 I have been able to take Terran to Story Time at Thanksgiving Point a few times now and they always have a craft to go along with it. This day we made porcupines out of pine cones. Terran just wanted a porcupine with lots of eyes.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

6 year anniversary

I had big plans for our anni this year. All day mountain biking at Sundance resort... lunch on the mountain...perfect weather...
And then it rained. A lot. So we canceled those plans, got some renowned Mexican, wandered through fancy City Creek and successfully eliminated any possibility of a shirt for Zach for family pics, then caught a movie. These days, any time spent together is greatly cherished and it turned out to be fantastic.