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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Call me Coach

This year I am coaching basketball at Hillcrest High School! I am the Varsity assistant. Here is how it all came about:

Every year around basketball season I get a little nostalgic and imagine being involved with a program somewhere. I let my imagination run a little wild, then rein it in and consider that it might be a future possibility.

Last year I reached out to an old friend and got involved in actually playing basketball again. I was grateful for the break I had because it completely renewed my love for the sport. I quickly became friends with the other girls on my rec league and enjoyed playing on Wednesday nights. One night, one of the girls mentioned she applied for the head position at the school she teaches at. She made it seem like a long shot. Our rec league ended that night so I never got to ask what happened with the position.

A few months later, we started up on a team again. I had been thinking of coaching again and remembered that she had applied and was curious whatever came of it. I asked her and she said "I got it! And I am looking for some coaches...want to coach?!" I kind of laughed, but then said maybe. We discussed a few details and I was completely non-committal because of my commitment as a mom. As I told her my reservations concerning scheduling and child care, she was completely open to letting me bring him to practices and saying we could make it work. It put the idea in place and I thought a lot about it. I started to get excited. I realized it was short enough of time away from home daily that it wouldn't be neglectful, but rather a great way for me to foster my own talents and interests without sacrificing my family.

I discussed it with Zach, thought about it, got schedules, looked into scheduling for Terran to be watched by a friend twice a weeks so he didn't get sick of practice and could still have play time, and little by little it all started coming together.

Shannon (the head coach) gave me the pick of what coaching position I wanted, and after deliberating between JV head and Varsity assistant, I went with Varsity assistant because it would be a little easier with games and making sure Terran was taken care of. I was torn because I really wanted head coach experience, but after making the decision, I felt comfortable and excited about my position.

Icing on the cake is this is a paid position, so my time will be compensated for. Something I wanted, and I get paid for it? It was perfect timing with my needs, everything came together wonderfully, and I am so excited for this opportunity!

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