"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, October 31, 2015


This was the best Halloween I have had in years! We did the usual chili cookout and ward trunk or treat. This was a blast because we saw lots of friends and Terran got excited over all of the costumea. The trunk or treat was freezing, but Bridger and him made the rounds like no big deal. Terran's face would light up every time someone dropped a piece of candy in his bucket!
Halloween night we were invited to the Freeman's for soup and bread bowls, then we started trick or treating, leaving Zach at home to pass out candy. Scott came by and walked along with Terran and me. We ended up with Bridger halfway through the neighborhood (he was going to be batman, decided to just be Bridger, then saw Terran's costume and wanted to be a fireman. ..luckily there was an extra costume at the Freeman's so Terran and Bridger were twins!) We trick or treated for over an hour with the boys still going strong. We took one more loop on our side of the street and came upon Zach, who had transformed to a masked man covered in blood with scary sounds and blacklists going! Terran didn't know what to think but soon realized it was his dad and he was skeptical and thought it was funny! Terran got the hang of "Happy Halloween" and "trick or treat" with him and Bridger laughing hard as the yelled Happy Halloween over their shoulders as they left each house. 
We finally got home, ordered pizza, answered the door for more trick or treaters which Terran loved!) and hung out with Scott. The pizza guy was our last doorbell ring and Terran was so disappointed he didn't want candy.
The pure joy and excitement that Terran experienced made me love Halloween again!

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