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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Terran Tidbits

Terran was playing out back and threw an empty lighter fluid container over our fence to the gas station. After hand gestures and a lot of concentration on explaining what happened, I figured it out. He wanted me to boost him over to get it, but without Zach it was not possible. I told him we would have to walk around to get it. As I was getting shoes, he made a squeezing sign with his hands with sound effects, then told me he was naughty! I couldn't believe he understood the situation well enough to tell me he was naughty! He showed no remorse by the way.

Terran started saying "Gross" today and it is so funny. He first said it after he pulled out some coconut milk and opened it. He told me it was gross and he wanted orange juice. Haha

Tonight was the first time Terran has ever demanded to walk instead of letting me carry him. I'm sure there have been times that he was bugged about something and didn't want to be carried, but he has never been in my arms and said "I walk." In a way, it made me re-realize how he is getting older all the time.

Terran tried to ride his fire truck down the slide. His smile shows that he felt the danger. Yeah, it didn't really work out too well.

Terran insisted he was cold and needed his blankie.

 We were waiting for the chiropractor and Terran told me to sit down and he was going to fix me. He tapped around my hair and my temples like he was giving me an adjustment.
 Terran loves to visit the horses when we go on walks.

 Terran is so helpful when we watch the Whiting's twins. He loves playing with them. This time he tried to carry them and would tell me they were heavy. I took out Norah's binky so she could have a snack so he ripped out Landon's and gave it to me with a huge smile.
My playful little stud muffin.

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