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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Terran Tidbits

Zach told Terran during their tub that Terran's hugs make him happy. Later that night I saw Terran go give Zach a hug and say "you happy?"
Me: "Want to go to the mountains and ride your bike?"
Terran: "No, I want Poppy to come."
We hadn't even talked about Poppy coming!
I was getting ready to get in the shower and a Terran told me I need to put shorts on. Right when I got out he told me I need to put pants on.
One morning Terran was about ready to wake up and started saying "pillow, pillow" and as soon as I moved it under his head he said "better" and fell back asleep.
Terran has started saying "Yes Sir" to me. I wasn't sure if it was yes, sure or yes, sir, but once I laughed and thought it was sir, he hasn't stopped. :)
"Ever" is a new word in Terran's vocabulary. He now says "I'm not going to eat that ever!" And other similar things. Why can't I describe in words how funny it is?!
Terran constantly wants to play with his friends and he has started dropping his head when we are going to do something else and pouting "I want to play with my friends. My friends!" All exasperated like. It actually makes me feel really bad!
Terran learned negotiating skills from his friend Daylyce. She always asks her mom if she can play at our house for 3 more minutes, and she usually gets to. So Terran started negotiating with Bridger's mom when she would come pick him up to go home. He would say "one more minute" but quickly has learned three is more than one so now he always asks for 3 more minutes, whether with friends or before bed.
Terran's legs hurt the morning after Halloween (I think from all his running around trick or treating!) and after he told me they hurt he said "hold on" and ran to the living room, got my stick, and told me he needed to roll out his legs!
I got Terran to try dipping his fries in his frosty. He never eats sauces on anything so I didn't think it was possible but he thought it was good!

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