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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Terran tidbits

I showed Terran my bare stomach that was sticking out and asked if it was my belly (Normally I call it my baby belly). He said "no, there's a baby in there. My baby brother...no....baby sister!"
Terran has taken to always telling Zach not to take his toys when he goes to the bathroom.
I told Terran he had a cute belly and he said "I got it from the store!" And then laughed.
I popped my ankle and told Terran I cracked my leg (the fastest explanation I came up with). He said "hey, be careful!"
While looking through the mail ads, Terran was narrating each flyer..." mommy (a mom and girl), phone, (picture of Gordon B Hinckley) daddy....
After an extremely late night at basketball, Terran woke up a little too early and wanted me to come to his room. I told him to come to my bed so he came bringing his teddy and he brought me a puppy and said "here you go," then he curled in next to me and fell right back to sleep.
Terran's Christmas pj's came in the mail and I asked if he liked them. He said "no, take them back to the store."
We were playing at the curiosity museum one day and Terran would not leave. It was past lunch time and I was starving and he wouldn't listen to what I had to say, so I told him that the baby was hungry. So this morning I was scarfing down cereal trying to get to basketball practice on time and he was sitting next to me eating his own cereal and he turns to me and says "the baby is hungry?"
I did shaving cream paint in the tub for Terran and he loved that idea! He has asked several times to do it again. Tonight he had been watching videos and didn't want to transition to something else until I brought up painting in the tub. He was next to me as I mixed it up, jumping up and down, butt naked, saying "excited, excited!" As he played and painted and raced cars through the cream, he kept saying "I love this game!" Makes me wish I was more creative all the time! Those reactions make me so happy!


  1. Oh my gosh I loved all of these! He is so dang funny!

  2. Oh my gosh I loved all of these! He is so dang funny!