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Monday, October 12, 2015

Visiting the Whittaker's in Idaho

For a few years, Zach and Chase, old mission companions and friends ever since, have talked about us going to to visit them at their ranch in the summer. Chase married Megan two weeks after we got married and we were able to go to their wedding and see them a few times since. Zach and Chase keep in touch pretty well so even though it has been about 5 years since we had seen them, we still had kept up on what was going on. We finally scheduled a time to go stay with them. It was such a great trip and we felt so close with Chase and Megan and Kase and Whitley after our time there. Good friends that you just get along with don't come around everyday and we were grateful for our time there.

With Cowboy Dad after his first morning moving cows.

The kids riding bikes in the front yard.

Climbing on the big trucks.
We drove through a ghost town clear up into the mountains to a hidden lake for a bbq. It was windy and cold, but such a cool experience since there was history and mystery to the whole thing.

We spent a lot of time moving cows and hanging around the main ranch house. We even had lunch (what they call dinner) with all the ranch hands. Terran loved his first real horse ride and was squealing with excitement and telling me to go faster the entire ride.

We went to Salmon one night for dinner and got the only picture of all of us together from the whole trip!

On our last day, we took a detour to see Bear World in Rexburg. I wondered if it would be worth our time, especially as it was going to interfere with Terran's nap, but it was actually really cool and there were even really fun rides that Terran loved!

The only time I think I will ride on one of these spinning rides. They make me SO sick, but how could I say no?

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