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-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We got to host Christmas again this year. Mom and Dad came and brought Brad and  his family. Zach was in gold cycle so we could go to Mom and Dad's, which is where Brad was going so they decided to come to us. I was grateful for their thoughtfulness!
We filled our days with fun activities, Christmas crafts with the kids, food, and playing games. With five kids around, they were a lot of our focus, and that's what makes life great at this stage. Terran loved having constant playmates.
We were able to fit in the curiosity museum, a very short play nativity, Christmas pj's, temple square, Kangaroo Zoo, homemade pizza, and a wonderful Christmas morning, with minimal fighting until the afternoon when they wanted to try out each other toys.
We has the white Christmas I was hoping for for months! At least 8 inches of snow fell on Christmas eve and the kids got to build a slide and play for a long time. After we had all come in and gotten hot cocoa, a movement caught my eye and I realized Bailey had decided to stay out and play for twice as long as everyone else.
Zach and I got the chance for a date and I had gotten him Star Wars tickets for Christmas so that gave us a few minutes to just be together and it was wonderful.
I got Terran a toy nativity set in an effort to focus more on Christ, and we maintained the tradition of reading Luke 2 and watching the video of the first Christmas. Dad read the bible story, one of my favorite things. Our temple square visit helped remind us of Christ. As Terran has gotten older and loved the story of Santa this year, I realized that I want  other stories to be a part of Christmas, but I want Christ to be as big or bigger than Santa. Santa is fun but as I explained about Baby Jesus, Terran enjoyed talking about that too.
As Brad was preparing to leave, we were discussing future plans and realized we might not see each other for a year and a half, which would be the longest I think we have gone. There is a chance for a random trip to Texas or if they come to Mom and Dad's, but as of right now that's the plan so I'm extra grateful we got to spend time with them this year.
I have to throw it out there that I love hosting holidays, but it is as great and easy as it is because of my mom. She is my partner in the kitchen and keeps the dishes washed and put away. Between her and Dad, my laundry gets folded and the kitchen is always cleaned after dinner. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I'm so grateful for them, their love, their service, and their example.

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