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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday activities

Christmas brings so many opportunities for fun! After Terran found an early Christmas present, I explained all about Santa and Christmas and I decided it was a good of day as any to set up his playroom tree. 

He loved setting up our living room tree as well. The following pictures aren't really holiday activities in that it doesn't have to do with the holiday and I hope it doesn't become tradition, but Terran took advantage of my exhausted state as I was slipping in and out of a nap and proceeded to rip all of the stuffing out of one of our couch pillows. I also woke up to find that he had helped himself to the fridge and taken out the bacon.....I guess he wanted some for lunch?

We watched Bridger one day all day while his parents were out of town and I had the genius idea to take them to the Festival of Trees. I thought they would get a kick out of seeing all the different trees, but in a very small part of the back of my mind I remembered what a catastrophe it was last year and really hoped the year of maturity would make Terran enjoy it more. Turns out that little part of my brain should have been the voice of reason. From the minute we walked in Terran was fighting restraints, grabbing displays, and full body tantrum throwing. We were able to make it work, but Zach and I both realized it is more of a date night activity. It is a benefit for Primary Children's Hospital, with many of the trees decorated and donated by families who have lost children. I was tearing up at many trees and then needing to locate one of the toddlers and it just seemed strange to experience so many emotions in one setting. Terran did find a lot of joy in looking at the trees with trains, but the restriction of not touching was as frustrating as ever to the little buddy. He got better toward the end, but then he and Bridger were both hungry so we fixed that and left an exhausted couple.
Our stake did an Oh Holy Night activity that was based on the nativity. They had tents with different displays, photo ops, and videos on Christ's birth and his life. They had a live Nativity where we got to walk through and pet camels, sheep, goats, and donkeys. From the minute we got out of the car Terran was excited and enjoyed going place to place. He even waited in the lines ok for his two year old body and impatient personality. We got hot cocoa, except Terran prefers warm cocoa :) and donuts. When we got to the actual nativity after letting all the animals, Terran got a sneaky air to his walk and he snuck over to the camel in the nativity to pet that one too! The song part was starting as we left, but it was after Terran's bedtime so it was time to go. What a beautiful night to think of the true meaning of Christmas! 

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