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-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Terran Tidbits

In his sleep, "mom! Don't lock me out! Don't lock me out!"

Running around the house in his undies, "mom, where are my boots?" He was trying to go out in the snow to look for a truck.

In the shopping cart, arguing that he should get two packages of trains instead of just one, "arghh...listen to me!" Followed by a glaring stare down.

I poured Terran some juice and put the jug back into the fridge. He asked me "you going to save that for later? For Daddy huh?" He knows Zach really likes drinks! And we have also been talking about saving things for later so it was cool to see him put that all together.

While eating quinoa - "my tummy feels good!" This made me really happy because I have been telling him how healthy food makes our body feel good and we need it to be strong and healthy. I like to think that was the connection he was making.

One of Terran's most used phrases right now is "grrr...I'm mad!" I really need to record it because the way he says it is hilarious!

Terran turned to me as we were both sitting at the counter and asked "do you love me?" I said "yes buddy, I love you, I love you so much" and he opened his arms wide for a big hug.

We finally went on Terran's first bus ride. He had been asking to ride one for about a month. We got the chamce on the way to a basketball game. He loved looking out the window then started cleaning it with his spit and excitedly told me that he was cleaning stuff off the window.

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