"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Texas trip

Flight there: The kids did great, even with the additional 40 minutes on the plane for de-icing. With about an hour to go they both got antsy, but we were able to entertain them. The rental car took forever to get, but Terran shared his Transformers with another kid who was waiting and Kenna slept on me.

Christmas dinner: We got to Brad's and it was so exciting seeing everyone. Mom made sure our Christmas dinner was warm and served within minutes of getting there and it was so good after all the travel! The company and festive air was fun! Right when we got there, Terran left us by the car and found his cousins. They played and played.

Legoland: For an activity, we went to Legoland. The kids had a lot of fun and it gave us a lot of time to chat about life with the other adults. I'd had the idea that we would try to do some of the touristy things around, but it really turned out that we visited a lot and that is more fun anyway!

Jason's baptism: Fun for everyone to get together. It was cool to be there and watch Jason prep for the big day. After he was baptized and they were getting out, Terran yelled "I want to swim!" Go figure.

Sickness with Linds: We only stayed at Brad's a few nights, then headed to Lindsey's. Brooklyn and Terran both came down with a strange fever and lethargy, and my whole family had congestion and colds, so we hunkered down and going out at the apartment. It really wasn't all bad though because we got to chat, the men ran to the store a few times and the Guntry Club for some bonding, and each day we got to walk or play by the river. Terran really liked playing with Brooklyn and was sad when she would nap. He even didn't want to go home because he wanted to stay with Lindsey and Brooklyn!

Park: We all got together at the park for the last time and got another hour of quality hang time. I live my siblings and their company and really love that the cousins love each other. Something I didn't realize would happen living so far apart....

New year's Eve: basically didn't even acknowledge it! Between sick kids and being tired, I think we were all in bed by 10, maybe earlier!
Flight home: our connection in Denver was delayed and delayed and delayed, but our kids did awesome and eventually feel asleep before we boarded and stayed asleep the whole time. The worst was when we went out to get in the car and had to stand in the freezing cold when Terran was half asleep because he starts yelling and gets uncontrollable in those types of situations.

We already miss our family it there but are so glad for the time we got to spend with them!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


The buildup to Christmas this year was exciting because Terran embraced the idea of Santa and loved to talk about it. Santa came to Zach's Christmas party and Terran was excited to get on his lap and discuss presents. Kenna wasn't scared at all and I'm so glad!

We had decided to go to Texas on Christmas day, so we got to experience Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house. We kept with many traditions, some on a smaller scale because it was just us, but I love celebrating Christmas.

We got to visit Santa, visit Temple Square, we drove around looking at Christmas lights, we made Santa cookies on Christmas Eve, and Terran had lots of Christmas waffles all month.

I liked adding Christmas waffles into our celebration. In the future I also want to do gingerbread houses, probably on Christmas Eve. I missed seeing a live nativity this year. I loved that Santa left a little present outside Terran's door. He sent a little wish up on Christmas Eve that Santa would and he did! It was exciting.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Terran Tidbits

Terran just told me if I cry (when he kicked a toy into my foot) he will not give me presents. Then he said if I pout or cry he won't give me presents.

His new thing is "not just yet." Are you ready to go? Not just yet. Please turn off the TV. Not just yet. Etc. I love it...Most of the time.

Terran has got some serious attitude and tries to give me the "if, then" statements that I use to teach him. Ex: If you don't put your bike away, then someone might take it. His go more like "If you don't let me have candy then I won't clean up my mess" or something to the nature of his benefit. I struggle between disciplining and laughing!

He told me today, as he was singing in a different language and simultaneously kicking the couch, that I can't talk when he is singing (I was telling him not to kick the couch).

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Terran Tidbits

Listening to country: "I don't like this....I only like crazy music." I turned it to a hip hop station and I looked back and he's nodding his head with a smile.

We were driving by a park and Terran yelled "can we stop? Please please please?  I really want to!" So I did and when he was getting out I noticed he had taken his shoes and socks off. I asked if he was going to wear them and he said "no, they will just slow me down."

I told Kenna to stop biting me. She just got her two bottom teeth and keeps biting me while nursing. Terran asked why she is biting me and I said I don't know. He replied,  "Maybe she thinks you are lunch!"

Terran almost saw a Christmas present of his but I hurried and hid it. He asks me everyday if he can have it and whines for it a lot. One night I told home to stop because I didn't want to hear it and he replied "well I don't want to hear you talk!"

Early Christmas and Zach's birthday weekend

Being the amazing and thoughtful people that they are, my parents came to our house early to celebrate Christmas since they would be in Texas for the actual day. Terran was excited and thought Santa would come early, but Grammy and Poppy made our faux Christmas as good as Santa ever could! We had a traditional morning with presents and brunch, did some more Christmas shopping, and they watched the kids so we could go out to lunch for Zach's birthday. It is so fun to see how much love there is between them and our kids!
Sunday was Zach's birthday, so we had his favorite breakfast of sausage and biscuits, went to church, then celebrated again with a salmon dinner and caramel chocolate mouse dessert.  We love getting to share so many great holidays with Grammy and Poppy.

Friday, December 9, 2016

6 months

And there went a half a year! Baby Sis turned six months yesterday! Since last month, her bottom two teeth came in, she got her first cold, and she can now sit up unassisted for quite a while. She prefers to stand and walk places, with help of course. She can't stand being on her stomach. She is acutely aware of everything in her surroundings.
She loves to sleep right next to my body. She is ticklish all over. Always has a smile for Dad and Terran. She is a tough little cookie who barely cries with shots and when she gets bumped. She puts everything in her mouth. She reaches up and pots her fingers in my mouth every time she nurses, though that is really hard to get her to do because she is often too distracted to eat. But, she does great with solid foods.
She has a quick smile and shares it with almost anyone. She has done pretty well with having other people hold her, unless she is tired. If she is really tired, only Mom can comfort her. She has evolved to sleeping with us every night. If I'm not next to her, she wakes often, but if I am, she sleeps quite well. Not sure how that will play out in the future but I'm just going with it for now. With sickness and traveling, it isn't worth changing right now.
She is such a bright little being in our lives.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Varicose Vein Surgery

About two and a half weeks ago I had varicose vein surgery. I found a great doctor while coaching last year. He was the dad of one of my players. I talked to him about the pain and went to his office while pregnant and he got me the compression socks. He said to come in after baby, so I did and my problem was still there. I decided to do the surgery. It was in office and I was awake the whole time, but I couldn't bring myself to look at what he was doing. I walked out with a fully bandaged leg and instructions to not run for two weeks. Here we are two weeks later...my bruising is still there but is finally fading. It feels as though my vein is stretched taut (he told me it would) but I'm thinking it was a success and I hope to not have to deal with this again!

Monday, November 28, 2016


Thanksgiving was in New Harmony this year. It was much anticipated because Brad was coming out with his family and Scott was coming too. We got to Mom and Dad's and Terran and Jason wasted no time becoming best buds.
We did the traditional Thanksgiving feast, had a run day with Amanda and mom, did a scenic drive, did weights and basketball with Scott and my parents (I beat Zach at one on one) and Kenna used her walker to be all over the gym.
There was lots of time to chat and hang out and that's one of the things I love doing with my family.

As we headed home, I truly was thankful for such a great holiday!

Monday, November 7, 2016

5 months

The love we all have for Kenna is immeasurable! Though she is "chill," she loves to play. She always has big smiles for Daddy, laughs like crazy at Terran's antics, and knows how to snuggle Mom just right.

She loves food, and even though I didn't plan to try real food until 6 months, she had different plans. While eating sweet potatoes, she grabbed my hand to put them in her mouth. So, I let her try them. Since, she has tried waffles, bread, peas, cooked carrots, black and pinto beans, tomatoes, cheerios, and sucked on apples. So far, she has liked everything and grabs at it quickly and shoves it in her mouth! I sure hope her palate stays this versatile!

Kenna loves being tossed in the air and tickled. Her excitedly shy smiles make everyone who receives one happy. She can sit up quite well and is anxious to walk. She doesn't much like lying on her stomach so even though she moves her feet out of frustration, crawling doesn't seem to interest her much. 

My baby girl will not eat if distracted at all. She mostly likes to eat during the night and doesn't eat for comfort or even hunger during the day. I have to time it right so there aren't other noises and she can stay focused enough to get through the letdown. I make sure she gets enough though and her chunk would confirm.

We just love our "Baby Sis!"

Fire station open house

I was so excited to bring Terran to the first station open house. He tends to get shy and clingy when other adults talk to him and right when we walked up one of the firefighters was talking to him and he shrunk into me. That set the tone for most of the event. He didn't want to try the events they had set up, but eventually we were able to help him with a hose roll up, using a fire extinguisher, and hitting some wood with an ax. His favorite part by far (besides the donut table) was the trailer they had to escape from when it filled with smoke. He jumped out the back window and insisted on going again.

Picture updates

Not updating my blog means lost memories so here is a bunch of stuff from the last few months:

SoJo 5k and time with Grammy and Poppy

First race post baby and even though it was a bit hard, it was fun! Mom and Dad ran the SoJo 5k with me. We all placed in our age groups and the weather was good. Terran and Zach were cheering me on with Kenna in he carrier, then Terran sprinted in with me and I put the medal over his neck. He loved it and I think it's time to start signing him up for his own races!

Later that day we went to Dry Creek park and enjoyed watching Terran ride his bike and play, looked at the fall leaves, and had quality time together!

Terran's hospital trip

Terran had four cavities at one of our dentist checkups! I was so frustrated because I am really good about brushing his teeth, but it turns out when I quit flossing because he teeth were so gapped, the molars grew together without me realizing so the spot where they touch put a cavity on each tooth! We tried oral sedation, which is a story in and of itself, where Terran threw a huge fit, I wasn't prepped correctly from our dentist office, and he ended up spitting the sedation all over me and in his own face, getting a huge amount in his eyes! Since that didn't work, we went through the nightmare of determining how to proceed, with effectiveness and insurance. I was extremely disappointed in our dentist office with their organization and communication about the whole thing, but his tooth was starting to bother him and I didn't want to start over so we stuck with them. We had to go to Primary Children's hospital where they used anesthesia. I tried to keep him to be open to it, but once we pulled in the parking lot, he was not interested. There was a lot of waiting involved, and checks that he would endure only if screaming and protesting loudly. I don't think I realized they would take him away completely, so that was hard for me. They used a nasal medicine that helped him be calm, I helped him put on his hospital PJs and they took him away to the operating room. I had a bit of anxiety and unrest, but prayed for the best! They let me come back as he was waking up, and that was terrible. He still had an IV and wanted it out, his nose was bleeding, and he would not stop crying. He got a slushie and a new stuffed dog, and finally a male nurse tgst he would tolerate. He tends to like male figures in settings where adults have to talk to him. I think they are a little more easy going or something but he seems to open up faster to them. Anyway, he ended up needing need treatment and a silver cap, on top of cavities filled and sealants put on. 

Since then, I have found a different pediatric dentist that I think will be overall better and we brush every night, even if he screams and cries because that was such an ordeal, for me and him, and I never want to repeat it.


Holidays really are so magical with little kids. For Halloween, we had a little party with Terran's neighbor friends where they made ghosts and Frankensteins and frosted cupcakes. 

We went with the Sullivans to the trunk or treat at Hill AFB and the carnival after. Terrans favorite part was watching the realistic gorilla man walk around. It was quite busy but some trunks were really decorated awesome and Terran seemed to really enjoy it. Kenna was as chill as ever and just hung out. We stayed 15 minutes too long though, and both kids had meltdowns on the hour and a half drive home. I stopped to grab some food and try to help them, but while waiting for food, Terran had an accidental in his pants and then once at the car, Kenna did! I changed her and put them in PJs and got on the road, then endured crying from both of them for 35 minutes. Kinda crazy.

We also rode the pumpkin train! It was a slow train in Heber, and though it was decorated quite as I expected, Terran loved hanging out the window and Kenna seemed to like the festive atmosphere. Terran especially enjoyed the haunted train car when we got back to the station. He went through to it six or seven times!

We had a ward soup party with door to door trick or treating at the stake center. It was very fun with different stations of games as well. Terran and three other 3/4 year olds did a lot of it together. 

Halloween night came and we did soup and bread bowls with the Freeman's. After that, we did our neighborhood trick or treating. We got out a little late and the neighborhood was pretty quiet, compared to last year. Terran was tired pretty quick, so we just hit a few houses and headed home.