"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's a GIRL!!!

My OB office doesn't do ultrasound checks until 21 weeks, and I didn't want to pay for a gender check beforehand, so we waited to find out the gender until now. Terran was right, she is a baby sister!
This ultrasound was a little different than with Terran. For one, I knew what to expect. With Terran, I thought it was just to find out the gender, but it really is more of a check to ensure the baby is growing and developing correctly. They didn't tell us it was a boy until the end of the forty minute appointment. This time, I expected the stress and anxiety that comes with worrying they may find something abnormal and I didn't expect to find out the gender until the end. Turns out, the tech found the girl evidence early on and told us right away, so the whole time we knew we were looking at our baby girl!
I'm so glad we waited until 21 weeks to find out. The pregnancy is half over and the anticipation to meet our baby is growing, quicker now for me since we know what is coming!
I don't think I have recorded much about stats and such, but I stopped feeling really nausea us around 14 or 15 weeks, with a few lingering spells of feeling yucky. Since about 18 or so I have felt pretty good. I started at the same weight I started with Terran, 155, and at 21 weeks I had gained 14 lbs. I gained 48 lbs with Terran. Something I wasn't worried about, but this time I want to stay in the "normal" range of 25-35 lbs if that is realistic. What I mean is I know so far some of my weight gain is from my diet and not baby. Since I know I'm not racing and I'm gaining weight anyway, my mind thinks I can eat bad. I have spent time since the holidays making sure my meals are more whole foods and less junk. If I gain more than 35 I'm not worried, it's just a health concious goal to keep my diet healthy for baby and me. I'm right on track now.
Another goal I have had is to do cardio a minimum of three days a week and weights a minimum of three days a week. My runs I keep between 3-6 miles, other cardio a minimum of 30 minutes. This helps me keep fit, but releases pressure of exercising every day if I'm too sick, busy, or tired. It has really helped to have this goal in place to keep me motivated and remind me why fitness is important for me and for baby. Initially my doctor said not to worry much about heart rrate, but I have switched to the midwife group and one of the midwives suggested I keep my heart rate under 145. I have tried and I'm usually right there, but my resting heart rate is always great and I pay a lot of attention to my body as well to ensure safe exercise.
I am feeling great, Zach and Terran are excited for baby girl (Zach commented last night how this summer we will have "baby girl princess" running around...well lying around...and his endearing term melted my heart) and things are going really well. One of my favorite parts of each day are feeling her move and I am continually reminded how amazing being pregnant is!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Terran turns 3!

Terran's birthday party was great. I knew I wanted to rent a bounce house and slide, and we browsed together through the rentals. He picked the shark, so I reserved it and went with that theme.
As it grew closer we talked a lot about his birthday party and he seemed to understand a lot if it. We hand delivered most of his invitations and his excitement was contagious! The week and day of were really hectic for me...Zach was gone, I didn't plan everything out far enough ahead, and with basketball my time was limited. But, Zach got home and Mom and Dad came up and we pulled it all off how I envisioned. Terran had a blast and so did his friends. I feel pretty lucky that most of his friends' parents are our friends because it was fun to visit in addition to watching the kids play.
So far, we have experienced a little bit of three year old spunkiness, but he is an amazing child with a beautifully warm heart and Zach and I love being his parents!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Terran tidbits

Terran ran into my closet where I was taking off my boots after church (I heard him coming), with a huge smile he held up the brown sugar bag and said, "let's make cookies!" I said, "ok!" His response as he turned to hurry back to the kitchen, "let's go!"
Another episode of talking of his sister: we were reading Dr. Seuss and it says to go ask your dad,  then next it says to ask your mother. Terran said he thought a mother was dad and I said no its mommy. He then said "sister." I asked if he had a sister and he said "yeah, her is in your belly." What if it's a boy!?
Terran was eating brownies for breakfast and out of nowhere says "Mommy, is Jason in Texas?" I'm so curious how his mind brought him to that thought.
Helping me shovel the snow off the driveway: "I'm a good helper Mom!"
Eating a piece of bread and after offering to share: "I'm a nice boy."
Terran was sleeping in my bed one night when Zach was gone. I woke up to go to the bathroom and heard him say, "Watch out! I'm coming!" in a playful voice in his sleep. I can only imagine his dreams are as fun and playful as his wakeful life!
I see this and wonder why Terran got out the dry milk....
Then I see this and think he was exploring.....then he comes and says "I can't find the sugar ever ever ever ever! Daddy ate the sugar all gone."
Terran was 95 percentile for height and weight at his 3 year old checkup!
Before he fell asleep he said, "where's my kitty?"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Zach's first time ice skating

I've tried to convince Zach a year or two ago it was time to go ice skating. He had never gone! I got us tickets to a nice place downtown but he didn't want to go! This year I decided to try again. Lacey and Jake were also planning to go so we coordinated and planned to go together! That helped Zach get on board. They had free tickets to small rink at the mall, so we grabbed some Pei Wei dinner and headed over. There was not another soul and it was snowing. Just perfect! The skates were cheap and uncomfortable, but Zach caught on super fast and was really good. It was such a fun night and I really want to go again!