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Thursday, January 7, 2016

18 weeks

I had an appointment this week and everything seemed good! I set our big ultrasound appointment for a couple weeks away, so stay tuned for the gender reveal!

I have been feeling the baby move for about a week or two now. With Terran I wasn't sure until about 24 weeks! It is so hard to distinguish at first, mostly I would wonder if it was baby or gas (embarrassingly enough, gassiness comes with pregnancy. I am glad it isn't just me. There are different hormones that make it that way). But, after about a week or so of wondering, it was more consistent and I was starting to notice the difference between gas bubbles and baby movements. Zach reached over last night and was able to feel our little one pushing around in there. This is one of the coolest parts of pregnancy for me! Imagining that little being  growing in there and being able to feel him/her as they get stronger.

As I may have mentioned, Terran always insists it is a baby sister. Almost everyone else also thinks it's a girl. Zach and I have both felt that way, but I try really hard not to consider it fact, but it has been hard not to refer to the baby as "her, she, little sister" etc. The exciting part about finding out is that if it's a girl, we will be really excited since it will be a new experience and if it's a boy, we will be really excited because we love having boys!

This morning I was trying to get ready while Terran played with me in the bathroom. He was sitting on the counter right by my belly and we started talking about the baby. He pulled up my shirt and kissed my belly then gave me a smile. He then asked "Is her in there?" and I said yes. Then he felt my belly and asked "Is her mom in there?" and I explained that I am her/his mommy. It is so fun trying to teach him what is happening and having him think through it all.

18 Weeks

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