"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's a GIRL!!!

My OB office doesn't do ultrasound checks until 21 weeks, and I didn't want to pay for a gender check beforehand, so we waited to find out the gender until now. Terran was right, she is a baby sister!
This ultrasound was a little different than with Terran. For one, I knew what to expect. With Terran, I thought it was just to find out the gender, but it really is more of a check to ensure the baby is growing and developing correctly. They didn't tell us it was a boy until the end of the forty minute appointment. This time, I expected the stress and anxiety that comes with worrying they may find something abnormal and I didn't expect to find out the gender until the end. Turns out, the tech found the girl evidence early on and told us right away, so the whole time we knew we were looking at our baby girl!
I'm so glad we waited until 21 weeks to find out. The pregnancy is half over and the anticipation to meet our baby is growing, quicker now for me since we know what is coming!
I don't think I have recorded much about stats and such, but I stopped feeling really nausea us around 14 or 15 weeks, with a few lingering spells of feeling yucky. Since about 18 or so I have felt pretty good. I started at the same weight I started with Terran, 155, and at 21 weeks I had gained 14 lbs. I gained 48 lbs with Terran. Something I wasn't worried about, but this time I want to stay in the "normal" range of 25-35 lbs if that is realistic. What I mean is I know so far some of my weight gain is from my diet and not baby. Since I know I'm not racing and I'm gaining weight anyway, my mind thinks I can eat bad. I have spent time since the holidays making sure my meals are more whole foods and less junk. If I gain more than 35 I'm not worried, it's just a health concious goal to keep my diet healthy for baby and me. I'm right on track now.
Another goal I have had is to do cardio a minimum of three days a week and weights a minimum of three days a week. My runs I keep between 3-6 miles, other cardio a minimum of 30 minutes. This helps me keep fit, but releases pressure of exercising every day if I'm too sick, busy, or tired. It has really helped to have this goal in place to keep me motivated and remind me why fitness is important for me and for baby. Initially my doctor said not to worry much about heart rrate, but I have switched to the midwife group and one of the midwives suggested I keep my heart rate under 145. I have tried and I'm usually right there, but my resting heart rate is always great and I pay a lot of attention to my body as well to ensure safe exercise.
I am feeling great, Zach and Terran are excited for baby girl (Zach commented last night how this summer we will have "baby girl princess" running around...well lying around...and his endearing term melted my heart) and things are going really well. One of my favorite parts of each day are feeling her move and I am continually reminded how amazing being pregnant is!