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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Terran tidbits

Terran ran into my closet where I was taking off my boots after church (I heard him coming), with a huge smile he held up the brown sugar bag and said, "let's make cookies!" I said, "ok!" His response as he turned to hurry back to the kitchen, "let's go!"
Another episode of talking of his sister: we were reading Dr. Seuss and it says to go ask your dad,  then next it says to ask your mother. Terran said he thought a mother was dad and I said no its mommy. He then said "sister." I asked if he had a sister and he said "yeah, her is in your belly." What if it's a boy!?
Terran was eating brownies for breakfast and out of nowhere says "Mommy, is Jason in Texas?" I'm so curious how his mind brought him to that thought.
Helping me shovel the snow off the driveway: "I'm a good helper Mom!"
Eating a piece of bread and after offering to share: "I'm a nice boy."
Terran was sleeping in my bed one night when Zach was gone. I woke up to go to the bathroom and heard him say, "Watch out! I'm coming!" in a playful voice in his sleep. I can only imagine his dreams are as fun and playful as his wakeful life!
I see this and wonder why Terran got out the dry milk....
Then I see this and think he was exploring.....then he comes and says "I can't find the sugar ever ever ever ever! Daddy ate the sugar all gone."
Terran was 95 percentile for height and weight at his 3 year old checkup!
Before he fell asleep he said, "where's my kitty?"

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