"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fun events lately

We went to the Provo City Center Temple open house. So beautiful!

I got together with Saydee, Darcee, and Kenzie.

We went to free day at the zoo. Terran loved all the kitties! Next time we go is worth it just to pay...it was chaos!

Terran tidbits (some with baby!)

When I ask Terran if he wants to feel baby sister kicking, sometimes he will run over, put his hand on my tummy, and say instantly "I felt her!" Even if she didn't move.

Terran has started to pretend that he also has a baby in his belly. He will pull up his shirt, put his hands on it, pause for a second like he is waiting, then say "I felt her!" That next evolved to be during the pause he looked like he was listening and then said "I can hear her!"

Zach was running into McDonald's to get a Coke while Terran and I stayed in the car. Terran was saying he wanted a Coke and I asked why he liked Coke so much. His reply? "Why does Dad like Coke so much?"

We were driving past a waterpark and Terran almost always says he wants to play there. I always tell him we have to wait until it is warm outside. He rolled down his window and said "let me check... It's warm!" Then looked at me with an excited look on his face. I tried to explain that the snow needs to be gone as well. He proceeded to argue with me for a few minutes that it was warm enough and he could feel it.

Somehow Terran ended up just in his undies one day. It was the first sunny day in a long time and he decided to go out back. He ran and got his noots, started running around the house looking for his gun, saying "I'm going to shoot a truck!" Then took his gun outside and played for a spell.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Basketball season came to an end on a rough week! Our team had some very interesting dynamics that I didn't realize we would have to deal with! They had only won one game last year, so we dealt with a mentality I have never felt nor been a part of. It took most of the season for them to seem to even have real care about winning or losing. But, the strange thing was individually they all thought they were good enough to play varsity and we had a lot of playing time issues from the girls. We also had several parent comments and interactions that surprised me. Suggestions and comments were continuous all season, but to some extent that was to be expected. Definitely an interesting thing to experience.

We had a lot of emotional instability, with relationships, home life, anxiety, cliques, teenage girl drama, etc. It was ongoing and we seemed to be facing something every week. Again, some to be expected, I just didn't expect it to that extent.

My description so far seems negative, but it was actually a wonderful experience! It was a lot of work to actually coach the girls, as many were uncoachable and many had been coached bad fundamentals, but that made it that much more rewarding when we saw their improvements as individuals or as a whole. It was a little past halfway through the season when we noticed free throw percentages were going up, sprint times were decreasing, individuals were trying things in games we had been working on all year. There were times the team came together and played really well. There was chemistry that finally showed itself on the floor. There was desire to win and competitive attitudes that we were able to take pride in.

I constantly reminded Shannon that much of the good we did this year will not be manifest until next season, but they will be that much better for it.

I truly cared for the girls and experienced a much greater mental concern for them than I anticipated. Shannon and I became good friends, and same with Alex. I was so glad to genuinely like them and enjoy spending so much time together.

I learned a lot about how I want to "coach" my kids, things I want to teach them about hard work, discipline, and respect. I was able to reflect on my athletic experiences with fondness and pride. I was able to experience being a coach and that makes me truly grateful.

Things all came together for me this season to be able to coach. Next year, I'll have another child and Zach will not be guaranteed home for two months of the season, so it doesn't really look like I'll coach again. It makes me sad but in the end my time spent with my family and in the home is still most important.

I'm extremely grateful I was able to get this experience this year and I know I will reflect back on it much as time passes.

Ice castles

I have wanted to go to the ice castles for a couple years, so this year I got tickets. Go figure the day I scheduled turned out to be hectic and then stormy, but luckily I got to reschedule and we went on a nice night.

I didn't know what Terran would think, but he got really excited as we got there. Anna and Elsa from the Frozen movie were there so he loved that idea. We were waiting in line for a picture but he got too excited to see the castles and booked it in the entrance. It was really cool! I knew it was something Zach would really like too and he did! There was an ice slide that we did time after time, slot canyons that Terran expertly navigated, way too rich hot cocoa that seemed to make Terran happy, and we got pictures with Anna and Elsa at the end...but Terran refused to look. He also refused his coat the whole night, even when he was cold. Too much excitement I guess!

The next week Terran asked me three times if we could go back. Too bad they were closed for the season. :(

It was worth the hour drive and turned into a wonderful family night.

24 weeks

Things are going really great this pregnancy! I had my 24 week checkup this morning and actually had a lot of questions this time. Typical things like making sure taking fiber is good and the little contractions after exercise aren't a cause for concern. I'm also starting to feel the end nearing now that we are in the second half and I am trying to be prepared for the big day.
I'm right on track with weight gain, having gained 19 lbs so far. I'm still able to exercise. Even though I'm still able to run and have maintained a minimum 3.1 miles each time up until now (as of today I am 25 1/2 weeks...finishing this post after starting it, as usual), it does leave my uterus feeling a little off for hours. Not quite contractions but a little tighter than usual. I started wondering if trying to run is a stubborn thing that has not much to do with staying fit and after reading a friend's personal trainer perspective (it isn't "unsafe" but puts a lot of pressure on pelvic floor muscles, joints, and lower back so she recommends other options) I think I will think less about running and just focus on getting cardio, strength training, and stretching in. I have recently started doing more Kegels, as they have felt necessary. I'm also trying to focus on my relaxation and breathing techniques that go along with hypnobirthing to try and be better prepared for labor and delivery.
I have usual symptoms of back ache, gas, general discomfort,  but I find myself trying to reevaluate every time I feel like complaining because it is so much more fun to focus on the miracle, the feeling of her movements, the change coming, and imagining what she is going to look like.
But, for records sake, my two biggest complaints this pregnancy are 1)my varicose veins - right leg, painful, achy, extremely unattractive. I saw a doctor who got me compression tights that are annoying to wear but help a ton. We wil reevaluate our course of action after baby comes. And 2) I'd say backache is next. It seems a little early to be annoying me each day, so I'm thinking next pregnancy I'll need to make sure it is a little stronger prior to getting pregnant.
I'm also noticing little stretch marks on my belly button. Some days I feel like I can feel the stretch marks happening, but thankfully nothing too crazy yet!
Overall, pregnancy is still the coolest thing!
20 Weeks

22 Weeks
24 Weeks

Valentine's weekend

I tried to plan something exciting for Valentine's day. I enlisted the help of my parents to come watch Terran and planned a day date with an overnight stay to surprise Zach with. We discussed it and he didn't want to because he has started traveling a ton again this year and just misses home, and I agreed that it would be better to save the hotel money and spend quality time with Terran and my parents.

We went to tsunami for lunch and then went cross country skiing. I had originally planned snowshoeing but when we got there we picked cross country instead. I did it once like ten years ago and Zach did once when he was 14, so we were a little shaky out there. I thought I would be awesome but like fifteen minutes in I was seriously considering going to ask if we could switch to snowshoes! Zach was good from the start but it took me several times around one of the trails to feel comfortable. Right when I started having fun Zach was getting tired and ready to go! It's a workout! We got our fill, enjoyed the mountain air - it was sunny and 41 degrees where the valley had a weeks worth of inversion and was cold- and then we headed home. Driving back, we laughed at the realization that we always cut our planned dates short to get back to Terran. :)

Time spent alone together is truly valuable and we are able to enjoy each others real company...not distracted by obligations, work, or Terran's needs.

We picked up a movie to watch with my parents to finish out the night. Zach and I knew they would like it and we had a great time.

Sunday I planned a steak dinner based on all of Zach's requests and we enjoyed our Valentine's feast with Mom and Dad. We love celebrating holidays with them!