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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

24 weeks

Things are going really great this pregnancy! I had my 24 week checkup this morning and actually had a lot of questions this time. Typical things like making sure taking fiber is good and the little contractions after exercise aren't a cause for concern. I'm also starting to feel the end nearing now that we are in the second half and I am trying to be prepared for the big day.
I'm right on track with weight gain, having gained 19 lbs so far. I'm still able to exercise. Even though I'm still able to run and have maintained a minimum 3.1 miles each time up until now (as of today I am 25 1/2 weeks...finishing this post after starting it, as usual), it does leave my uterus feeling a little off for hours. Not quite contractions but a little tighter than usual. I started wondering if trying to run is a stubborn thing that has not much to do with staying fit and after reading a friend's personal trainer perspective (it isn't "unsafe" but puts a lot of pressure on pelvic floor muscles, joints, and lower back so she recommends other options) I think I will think less about running and just focus on getting cardio, strength training, and stretching in. I have recently started doing more Kegels, as they have felt necessary. I'm also trying to focus on my relaxation and breathing techniques that go along with hypnobirthing to try and be better prepared for labor and delivery.
I have usual symptoms of back ache, gas, general discomfort,  but I find myself trying to reevaluate every time I feel like complaining because it is so much more fun to focus on the miracle, the feeling of her movements, the change coming, and imagining what she is going to look like.
But, for records sake, my two biggest complaints this pregnancy are 1)my varicose veins - right leg, painful, achy, extremely unattractive. I saw a doctor who got me compression tights that are annoying to wear but help a ton. We wil reevaluate our course of action after baby comes. And 2) I'd say backache is next. It seems a little early to be annoying me each day, so I'm thinking next pregnancy I'll need to make sure it is a little stronger prior to getting pregnant.
I'm also noticing little stretch marks on my belly button. Some days I feel like I can feel the stretch marks happening, but thankfully nothing too crazy yet!
Overall, pregnancy is still the coolest thing!
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24 Weeks

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