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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Basketball season came to an end on a rough week! Our team had some very interesting dynamics that I didn't realize we would have to deal with! They had only won one game last year, so we dealt with a mentality I have never felt nor been a part of. It took most of the season for them to seem to even have real care about winning or losing. But, the strange thing was individually they all thought they were good enough to play varsity and we had a lot of playing time issues from the girls. We also had several parent comments and interactions that surprised me. Suggestions and comments were continuous all season, but to some extent that was to be expected. Definitely an interesting thing to experience.

We had a lot of emotional instability, with relationships, home life, anxiety, cliques, teenage girl drama, etc. It was ongoing and we seemed to be facing something every week. Again, some to be expected, I just didn't expect it to that extent.

My description so far seems negative, but it was actually a wonderful experience! It was a lot of work to actually coach the girls, as many were uncoachable and many had been coached bad fundamentals, but that made it that much more rewarding when we saw their improvements as individuals or as a whole. It was a little past halfway through the season when we noticed free throw percentages were going up, sprint times were decreasing, individuals were trying things in games we had been working on all year. There were times the team came together and played really well. There was chemistry that finally showed itself on the floor. There was desire to win and competitive attitudes that we were able to take pride in.

I constantly reminded Shannon that much of the good we did this year will not be manifest until next season, but they will be that much better for it.

I truly cared for the girls and experienced a much greater mental concern for them than I anticipated. Shannon and I became good friends, and same with Alex. I was so glad to genuinely like them and enjoy spending so much time together.

I learned a lot about how I want to "coach" my kids, things I want to teach them about hard work, discipline, and respect. I was able to reflect on my athletic experiences with fondness and pride. I was able to experience being a coach and that makes me truly grateful.

Things all came together for me this season to be able to coach. Next year, I'll have another child and Zach will not be guaranteed home for two months of the season, so it doesn't really look like I'll coach again. It makes me sad but in the end my time spent with my family and in the home is still most important.

I'm extremely grateful I was able to get this experience this year and I know I will reflect back on it much as time passes.

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