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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Terran tidbits (some with baby!)

When I ask Terran if he wants to feel baby sister kicking, sometimes he will run over, put his hand on my tummy, and say instantly "I felt her!" Even if she didn't move.

Terran has started to pretend that he also has a baby in his belly. He will pull up his shirt, put his hands on it, pause for a second like he is waiting, then say "I felt her!" That next evolved to be during the pause he looked like he was listening and then said "I can hear her!"

Zach was running into McDonald's to get a Coke while Terran and I stayed in the car. Terran was saying he wanted a Coke and I asked why he liked Coke so much. His reply? "Why does Dad like Coke so much?"

We were driving past a waterpark and Terran almost always says he wants to play there. I always tell him we have to wait until it is warm outside. He rolled down his window and said "let me check... It's warm!" Then looked at me with an excited look on his face. I tried to explain that the snow needs to be gone as well. He proceeded to argue with me for a few minutes that it was warm enough and he could feel it.

Somehow Terran ended up just in his undies one day. It was the first sunny day in a long time and he decided to go out back. He ran and got his noots, started running around the house looking for his gun, saying "I'm going to shoot a truck!" Then took his gun outside and played for a spell.

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