"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terran Tidbits

Terran: let's play cars.
Mom: ok, I just gotta get some stuff ready, sweetsie.
Terran: let's play toys, sweetsie!
At breakfast I was asking Terran if he wanted another bite. He said, "No, my belly is full. Baby sister is in there." Then he changed it and said, "it's too full, there is no room for baby sister..."
Talking before bed, I said to Terran, "you are going to sleep in your bed all night, right?" He said, "no, I wake up crying." Me: "you just need to go back to sleep." Terran: "Weeeell, I need you."
Singing his goodnight song as Terran is about to fall asleep and I hear "psst!" I look over at him and Terran tosses his kitty to the side and opens his arms wide for a long hug. Then he sweetly says "goodnight."
I was moving the car seat into baby girl's room to organize and I told Terran that I was going to put it in the car when it was closer to the time for her to get here. I said that she will sit next to him and he replied, "so I can hold her hand?"

Sunday, March 20, 2016

29 weeks

Well, I'm in the third trimester! I was really excited to reach 28 weeks last week and hit this milestone. I know looking back it will come fast, but it feels like this pregnancy is getting a little long. I'm very excited to do the nursery, but with finishing our basement, our storage is all over the house and I haven't gone through hand me down baby clothes and Terran's playroom, which will become the nursery, is full so there isn't much I can do to get things ready for baby yet. I think the stagnant feeling has my increased excitement almost frustrating since I can't do anything.
As far as actual pregnancy, my Linea nigra made a faded appearance this week. I bought a few clothes that has increased my daily comfort because most of my day to day bottoms were just not working anymore! I wake to pee every night two times and I'm exhausted every single day.
26 Weeks
27 Weeks
29 Weeks

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Terran Tidbits

Leaving Terran at a friend's house I ask for a kiss goodbye. He says "not right now, I'm playing, Mom."

Terran loves giving baby girl kisses. He came in while I was taking a bump pic and ran over all excited and started kissing my belly.

He insists we are naming her Terran. I give him other options but he is adamant about her name being Terran....not sure how we will deal with that if he still thinks so after she is born!

Terran has started sneakily giving me kisses. He comes up all mischievous like and grabs my face in his hands and kisses my cheek, then grins like he got away with something!

Terran has transitioned some from trains and now loves racecars, particularly red ones, and is getting more involved with superheros.

Terran told me he was going to work while I did the dishes. A few minutes later he said "with Dad." I asked what they were doing at work and he said, "having a work party."

Terran said, "Mom, play with me!" I replied, "what about the laundry?" To which he said, "what about Terran?"

I gave Terran a haircut this week. My first attempt, and he let me! He did wonderfully, so now I'm wondering if that's a better option than the kids cut place. I guess I need to read up on how to cut little boys' hair!

Much to my dismay, Terran has learned to incorporate "I can't" and "hate" into his vocabulary. I'm just trying to constantly remind him that we don't use those words and explain how he can or an alternative.

Girls' weekend

I have become really good friends with several of the ladies in my neighborhood. We have tried to do a girls night, but with the holidays and crazy schedules it never worked out. One day, Jen and April decided to go to Vegas for the weekend, and as luck would have it, we all could go! Everything came together wonderfully and we made the plans. I drove separate to drop Terran at my parents and to be able to stay at their house a few extra days.
We went to a really nice restaurant for dinner and walked the strip. We then we got treats and stayed up until 3 am chatting.
The next morning I spent time at the gym and we hung by the pool all day. It was the perfect relaxation. That night we went to Fremont street, which I wished I skipped because I only had gotten four hours of sleep and that place was not my idea of a fun atmosphere. Still, I loved the company.
We checked out Sunday morning, and I was able to go see my friend Nicole who lives in Vegas and I hadn't seen her in over four years! 
I got to visit with her and her new baby then with her husband and kids. It was such a wonderful visit. They truly have the Spirit in their home and that was quite refreshing after my previous night!
It was such a great experience to have some time to myself and only have to worry about me. In fact, it was so strange I had to force myself not to worry about anyone or anything else!