"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 18, 2016

A play set!

We bought a play set! Zach didn't love the idea, but I'm certain it will help us play more outside once baby sister comes! So I found the one I wanted, showed it to Terran, and he didn't let it drop. So we ordered it, picked up the next day, then upon waking terran asked if we could build it, so Zach got on it. There was wind and rain, some hail, and a little sun. He kept on it to give his little boy what he was excited about. We ran into a few snags with hardware and running out of daylight, but it was finally complete and Terran was ecstatic. We have spent time out there everyday since! Him and I climb up on the deck each morning and play cars. He likes the new vantage point of the neighborhood and gas station. It was a big purchase, especially after finishing the basement but I think it was a good investment!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My 27th birthday

I posted on Instagram that this was the best birthday I have had in years. As I thought back over the last few years, I had some great birthdays. The one that is standing out is the Rage race at Lake Mead. But my insta statement came more from my emotional experience yesterday. Previously this year, I talked with Zach about what makes me feel special, happy, and loved. It's less about gifts and more about thought and quality time. He took it to heart and made my day perfect. Every other little thing fell into place and there were several thoughtful surprises when everything combined made me claim the best birthday in years. :)

To start off, I woke up by myself. Meaning I woke up before Terran. Rare occurence. And I got to lay in bed for a minute and Zach immediately wished me happy birthday. Then the day turned out sunny even though the forecast said rain for a week! We had breakfast with Zach's parents before they headed home. Zach took extra care to help with breakfast. He then played with Terran so I could go to the gym, and while I was gone they made me a beautiful and meaningful homemade card. The second I pulled in Terran told me he signed a card and had to show me. They also surprised me with a trailer for our bikes so we can pull Terran around. It was a great gift because I love surprises and I in no way expected it! We had lunch then loaded up to try out the new trailer with a family bike ride. Terran wanted to ride his bike instead though so it wasn't as easy of a ride as anticipated, but I still got to spend time with the people I love in the sunshine being active.
When we got home, somehow I got to take a nap while we all hung out in the living room.
Then Zach informed me we were going to dinner without Terran -meaning he arranged a sitter. This was his first time doing that ever and I know he was trying to make my birthday special! We got sushi at Tsunami then brought the mint chocolate cake Sandy made for me over to Lacey's to share with them and get Terran. Terran and Cal helped me blow out the candles and in that moment I felt true happiness.
When I got home, I found a bouquet of roses and a perfect present on the front porch from a few of my friends and I truly felt special. I don't think of myself as a very good gift giver but feeling how great it made me feel made me want to become better so I can help my loved ones feel that same way!
Such a wonderful way to start off year 27!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Terran tidbits

I was listening to Terran play in the tub. This is what I heard "mmmm, good sandwich.  It's not a sandwich, it's coke!"

Terran woke in the middle of the bought and I could tell by his voice something was wrong. I ran in there and he was pointing at the floor saying a racoon ran past! (There wasn't one!) He had a hard time falling back asleep so I told him to come to our bed. As we got into bed I told Zach that Terran thought he saw a raccoon. Zach said "there are no racoons in your room Terran." Terran contradicted him and said "noooo! Just one!" And fell asleep literally seconds after he clarified it for Zach.

I just love being Terran's mom. He makes me laugh all the time! Like when he wants to wear earrings and let's me put in a headband so he can see his ears.

We had a lot of meet ups with friends this week and it seems like they all had babies. Terran was happy to practice being a big brother by holding them, making them smile, and helping hold them up so they didn't tip over. He took his job seriously and did a really great job!

Zach didn't have to wear his uniform to work one day and after he left Terran found his boots. He said "Ooooohps, Dad forgot his boots. I have to wear them then!"

Friday, April 8, 2016

Terran and Daddy

While Terran has taken to calling Zach "Zach" more than "Dad", he still loves every minute Daddy is around and not working. (Sometimes he calls him Dad and says, "I mean, Zach"...it's so interesting and somewhat comical to me!)

Zach is a great dad and just the play mate Terran needs sometimes! Sometimes I think they come from the same mold...

Red Rock exercise

We went to St. George with Zach during his Red Rock Exercise. We RARELY got to see him, which was unexpected, but we had a really good time with Krew and Amanda and other Army wives.

We did a bike trail/lunch picnic/play in the grass/hit up the splash pad date with Krew and Amanda. Terran and Krew get along really well and both are little boys full of energy that love going hard and playing tough. It was so fun to watch them interact and get to hang out with Amanda. We also went swimming with them at the hotel and same story. Us pregnant ladies got to hang out while the boys played like crazy.

We spent a lot of time with Paige and the kids. Glitter mountain excavating, with Coppelia and her girls as well, pool time, new favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Paige's birthday since the men were busy, splash pads and parks with picnics. We enjoyed the sun and the friends, then got to see Zach briefly at night to make it a good week.


Easter was a few weeks ago and now I know I won't go into as much detail but....

I got Terran a church outfit and a casual outfit for the hunts. He wore the casual outfit the morning of the first hunt and it got soap all over the front before we left the house. I couldn't be mad because he is a kid. He still calls it his Easter shirt though. The next hunt was cold so he was in a jacket the whole time and I didn't even worry putting it on him.

The city hunt: Zach got to come for his first time in Terran's life. He thought it was too crowded and not worth the trouble. I still consider it tradition, but he was on to something when he said we should do something with people we know. Terran did really good running for eggs and putting them in his Halloween bucket he insisted on instead of the baby blue bucket I have for Easter Egg hunts. He didn't get upset by anything and really liked his prizes. It was fun!

The neighborhood hunt: Turns out, our neighbor actually throws an Easter Egg hunt with the neighborhood, with lunch, tons of eggs, all of our friends, and the Easter Bunny! It was 500% better than the city hunt and we are so thankful to them for doing it. Zach opted to go shooting, but I got to visit with our neighbors and Terran had a blast! Their backyard is super fun, the food was great, and the atmosphere was festive and friendly! The Easter bunny came and Terran surprised me by running up to him and tapping his shoulder and talking to him because he usually gets shy in such situations. He liked that bunny though!

Easter Day: Grammy and Poppy came up to celebrate! We had his Easter basket (mostly toys, but enough candy Terran had some chocolate for breakfast!), church, egg coloring, egg hunt, yummy dinner, so much fun time with Grammy and Poppy! This year wasn't entirely centered on Christ and his Resurrection, but I was able to mention a few things that Terran will hopefully remember.

Since Easter, Terran has asked for it to be Easter again and tells people how the Easter bunny told Zach that he hid eggs in the back yard for Terran and then he had to find them. This means Terran had a pretty good holiday. As a mom, I just thoroughly enjoyed watching my child and family enjoy the festivities and cherished the opportunity to think of Christ.