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-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

36 weeks

Little miss has a foot sticking out my right side today.....and here we are a few weeks later with the same thing! I haven't kept as detailed of a blog with this pregnancy, partly because of time and partly because it's been hard and I don't particularly like dwelling on the negative. I know it could be a lot worse than it is and I know the end result is completely worth whatever it takes to get there, so I try to focus more on that than the pains and frustrations that pregnancy brings. 
The other night, it seemed so obvious that she dropped.  I could not get comfortable and the pressure in my lower region was intensified. I wish I had a before and after shot to see if it was discernable! 
I have had Braxton-Hicks a lot more this pregnancy, and every time I walk up stairs, bend over, or exert myself, I can feel them. 
I have had a few cases of hearburn, but not much. However, if I eat a big meal I pay for it in feeling full beyond capacity.
Sleeping is best with a pillow under my belly and in between my legs.
Terran still likes to be held and he rests on the top of my belly like a seat.
I'm really really tired. I could nap by 11 and go to bed by 7 if life would allow!
As the end is coming, I'm trying to remember the newborn stage and all I need to know to handle it well. Nursing, changing, feeding, sleeping. Now I'm also wondering how to do that with a toddler, keep him feeling special, help him bond and love his sister, and somehow keep healthy meals coming. Several weeks ago I felt anxious, but as I've contemplated these things, I accept that there will be hard times, but it is doable and a beautiful stage that I want to embrace.
Less than 4 weeks left! 
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  1. 36 weeks?!?! I can't believe she is going to be here any day! You look amazing!