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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 11, 2016

Terran tidbits

I was listening to Terran play in the tub. This is what I heard "mmmm, good sandwich.  It's not a sandwich, it's coke!"

Terran woke in the middle of the bought and I could tell by his voice something was wrong. I ran in there and he was pointing at the floor saying a racoon ran past! (There wasn't one!) He had a hard time falling back asleep so I told him to come to our bed. As we got into bed I told Zach that Terran thought he saw a raccoon. Zach said "there are no racoons in your room Terran." Terran contradicted him and said "noooo! Just one!" And fell asleep literally seconds after he clarified it for Zach.

I just love being Terran's mom. He makes me laugh all the time! Like when he wants to wear earrings and let's me put in a headband so he can see his ears.

We had a lot of meet ups with friends this week and it seems like they all had babies. Terran was happy to practice being a big brother by holding them, making them smile, and helping hold them up so they didn't tip over. He took his job seriously and did a really great job!

Zach didn't have to wear his uniform to work one day and after he left Terran found his boots. He said "Ooooohps, Dad forgot his boots. I have to wear them then!"

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