"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Mom and Dad were in town for Memorial Day and we all signed up to do the 1 Mile Run of Remembrance race. I have done this race four years in a row and I have usually done it alone, so I was excited we were all doing it. Considering my state,  I planned to walk. It was Terran's first race so I wasn't sure what to expect. We brought the stroller and as we anticipated the start he went from excited to hesitant to saying he didn't want to, but once we started going and people were running he had fun. It only took a few minutes before he wanted out of the stroller to run. That kid is fast! While Dad pushed the stroller and Mom walked due to a hurt toe, Zach and I would run to keep up with Terran and be there when he thought he might be done. His little bursts of runs were so entertaining! He seemed to really get tired around .70 miles. I ended up carrying him some then, but we turned the corner and the red finish arch was up ahead and I was able to get him excited to finish. We were all together at this point. Zach ran up ahead to get some awesome pictures while Terran rode on my shoulders with glee. It was one of the best finish line crosses, with him up there cheering and laughing as we all crossed together! 

We spent the rest of the day together with tin foil dinners, island music playing, and the hose on in the backyard. Such a good time!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bike and trike festival

I found out about a bike festival in Provo. Terran has always loved his bike and since learning to ride a pedal bike with no training wheels I thought this would be the perfect activity. We showed up and it was much smaller of an event than we anticipated, but it was a really great Saturday morning. They tied balloons on his bike, then we played on the bounce houses for a while. That was the best, watching Terran do the obstacle course fearlessly! They had Popsicles and hot dogs, but the "bike rodeo" was essentially non existent so that was really all there was to it. Zach and terran found some old Navy gun display, so that was cool. We played at the park for a few minutes before heading home, and though the event was really low key, enjoying the sunshine as a family was a blast.

Bees game with Grammy and Poppy

I get emails from some military family resource that often has discounts or events going on in the area. I found out that Saturday was a half off night at the Bees game and decided we should go. Mom and Dad were planning to come up that day and I was excited to do it with them because they used to take us as kids!

We got to the stadium and it was the traditional baseball atmosphere, with the crowds and the smells and the fun. We were all surprised with Terran's interest and good behavior the whole game. He enjoyed watching the actual players quite a bit. We danced together during the music clips, with Poppy going gangster with a sideways hat, making Zach laugh so hard. After a whole bag of cotton candy, Terran got a little crazy dancing, shaking his hair tossing his hat, but laughing the whole time. He would yell "YES!" to a silent stadium when our team would strike out and got into clapping pretty good a few times too!

Grammy brought cars to extend Terran's interest, and he spent some fun time on their laps. I was prepared to leave early since it would get way past Terran's bedtime, but he claimed he wanted to see the fireworks at the end so we made it work. Turns out, after about five seconds he decided he didn't like the noise of the fireworks so we hid in the bathroom until it was over. I was sad to miss the show but I knew little T-Dub was not enjoying it!

Zach and I had never been to a baseball game together and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much enjoyed going. Not only for the atmosphere but for the actual game.

Nights like this make me supremely happy with life!

A boy and his bike

Terran has always been great on his Strider bike. I figured this spring I would get him a pedal bike, but eventually changed my mind because he is such a daredevil that the safety of it and his perception of what was safe worried me. However, he went through a day stage where he really just wanted to ride his friend Bridger's bike all the time ñ and then he started asking for one with training wheels. Since I knew he would do great, we went and got him a bike the next day! 

As I was at the gym, Zach took a video of him riding...without training wheels! I figured with his Strider experience he would be totally fine without them, but I didn't expect them to come off on the first ride! I was so proud but sad I had missed it, so I hurried home to be a part of the excitement. By the time I got there, he had requested then back on. He figured the training wheels made him not fall when he slowed. As he used the training wheels the next day or two, I noticed they actually made him fall more! So, I explained this and convinced him to try again without them. The rest is history! He is a natural! He had to get the hang of stopping and starting, but it came within a day or so and he was literally riding off of curbs and trying to out-ride/out-run me on that thing! 

Part of my plan with getting him good on a bike was then he can ride while I jog with baby sister this fall. Looks like that plan may work out! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hike to Donut Falls

We hiked up to Donut Falls today! I realized it was the first hike we have done as a family! I have always taken Terran when Zach is out of town or something! It was such a blast! We were worried about the weather but it was perfect the whole time. When picking between two trails on the way up, we picked the harder steeper, muddier one on accident but Terran loved it! Slipping up the mountain was an adventure! We stopped for a short food break where Terran got excited as I sat on the rock and declared "we are having a picnic!"

After our picnic as we continued up the mountain, we came across some friendly ground squirrels that intrigued the boys. They got awfully close and eventually they tossed a few carrots to the little buggers. Terran loved this! Zach did too for that matter! If they got too close Terran would turn and say they were going to bite him! I felt a little like in Jurassic Park where you think they are all sweet and innocent, but then more kept coming and making noises and I could almost picture us getting attacked! Even after we ran out of carrots, Terran would insist we give some to whatever squirrel crossed our path.

Once we got closer to the falls, there were rocks to climb over and Terran would get immense joy out of doing it himself and declaring himself a "big boy."

Because it was so early on in the season, we couldn't get all the way to the cave to see the actual donut holes. You have to get your feet wet and I figured it was too cold for Terran and I'm a little too pregnant to risk slipping.

I had to compliment Zach several times on his patience with Terran and overall helpfulness. He is the best little hiker man.

Zach told me he was glad I insisted on going, because even though it was hard getting out of the house and the drive is a little long, once we got there it was the best time!

Monday, May 23, 2016

38 weeks

36 week checkup: no noticeable contractions, dilated 1cm, 60% effaced, estimated baby weight 7 lbs.

38 week checkup: dilated to 2 1/2, 70% effaced, started feeling more obvious contractions. 197 lbs! From 155 lbs at the  start of pregnancy.

I had a dream I was in labor and it was really painful! When I woke up I think all the pain was from a full bladder! I have had two days where I was mercifully able to take two naps! One nap is rare so two must have been needed and were much appreciated. 

I am trying to imagine life when she gets here and thoughihave an idea I'm sure reality will be a little different.  I will really miss feeling her movements, but I remind myself her movement on the outside will amaze me just as much. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dad's Last Ironman

For Christmas, the kids all pitched in to help Dad enter his last Ironman 70.3 triathlon. I immediately made plans to be there to support. We headed down early in the week and were able to go to the lake for a few practice swims, bike check-in, athlete check in, see the pros, and enjoy good food with Dad to prep.
To accommodate Terran's sleeping schedule, the morning of we opted to not see Dad at the start, but rather go to the first bike aid station in Hurricane to see him on the road. As we waited and watched, the rain started, then began pouring. I was so worried about Dad being able to enjoy himself in that weather! Terran enjoyed looking for a yellow jacket, and we finally saw him. He came by with big smile and some joke about taking a long time! Both of those things relieved me that he wasn't suffering too bad! We drove up to another checkpoint to meet up with Mom, and ended up seeing him about 5 more times on the bike course! He always looked good and flashed us the "I love you" sign!
We missed him out by Snow Canyon, but headed back to T2 so we wouldn't miss him in transition.
While waiting, Terran got plowed over by a girl running with her sister, and it added worry about a concussion because he slammed into the ground really hard. We saw Dad shortly thereafter, and he was still doing well. I was impressed because we had seen several people quit after the bike (the rain would only let up momentarily) and a couple people got pulled from the course for signs of hypothermia. Mom headed up to the first half of the run, and I went to the second. Terran napped with Zach in the car. My spot was perfect with the new run course because I saw Dad four times on the run! He was always still moving, but that tired feeling seemed to come into his face about mile 7. Luckily, I knew he had Mom and me to look for and the end was near! We headed down to the finish and watched for him on the final stretch. Terran made me cheer for every runner that ran by, and once we saw Dad, Terran wanted to run with him. It was a funny sight I am sure. We ran by his side on the sidewalk for a minute as he headed to the finisher's chute. I started to slow, but Terran wanted to keep going! I ended up scooping him up and running all the way to the finish, preggo belly and all. We caught a few pics of Dad finishing, and I was so glad we ran down with him to seem him cross that line again!

He is truly an inspiration to me. His strength, dedication, and perseverance in those conditions all proved that he is my hero for a reason.

As we came around the chute to find him, I knew he would be with Mom. He had his arm around her and you could tell they were a team. She had done the training with him and then supported him everywhere and every way out on the course. Their relationship and teamwork are such a great example to me of what to work for in my own marriage!

Turns out the day after the race was Mother's Day, so we were able to celebrate with Mom and Dad before we headed home. It was such a great weekend full of love and good company!

36 weeks

Little miss has a foot sticking out my right side today.....and here we are a few weeks later with the same thing! I haven't kept as detailed of a blog with this pregnancy, partly because of time and partly because it's been hard and I don't particularly like dwelling on the negative. I know it could be a lot worse than it is and I know the end result is completely worth whatever it takes to get there, so I try to focus more on that than the pains and frustrations that pregnancy brings. 
The other night, it seemed so obvious that she dropped.  I could not get comfortable and the pressure in my lower region was intensified. I wish I had a before and after shot to see if it was discernable! 
I have had Braxton-Hicks a lot more this pregnancy, and every time I walk up stairs, bend over, or exert myself, I can feel them. 
I have had a few cases of hearburn, but not much. However, if I eat a big meal I pay for it in feeling full beyond capacity.
Sleeping is best with a pillow under my belly and in between my legs.
Terran still likes to be held and he rests on the top of my belly like a seat.
I'm really really tired. I could nap by 11 and go to bed by 7 if life would allow!
As the end is coming, I'm trying to remember the newborn stage and all I need to know to handle it well. Nursing, changing, feeding, sleeping. Now I'm also wondering how to do that with a toddler, keep him feeling special, help him bond and love his sister, and somehow keep healthy meals coming. Several weeks ago I felt anxious, but as I've contemplated these things, I accept that there will be hard times, but it is doable and a beautiful stage that I want to embrace.
Less than 4 weeks left! 
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